Swingyde Review – Just Another Golf Swing Training Aid?

Swingwyde Review Article Feature Image

The Swingyde is a golf swing training tool designed to (yes you guessed it) improve your swing. It claims to improve your distance and accuracy by correcting your swing plane, clubface alignment, and follow through.

It certainly doesn’t look like much when you first set eyes on it, but it’s simplicity is what makes this little tool so popular amongst instructors. I’ve used this before myself and recommended it to many of my past students, the all loved it! As I’m always looking for ways to help my readers I thought I’d share this with you and how I believe it can help you perfect your shaky swing.

What is the Swingyde?

The Swingyde in action

It’s essentially a plastic arm that attaches to the top of your club and your wrist. You can attach it to any golf club grip and it will give you instant feedback on your swing. It’s not complicated to use at all, it does come with a DVD by Jim Flick that teaches you how to properly attach it though, the DVD also includes instructions on how to properly use it, as well as some additional tips and drills on how to hit different shots with it. All in all a fantastic bonus item.

What Does the Swingyde Promise to Improve?

The Swingyde’s main aim is obviously improving your overall golf swing. As this is the foundation of your game it makes sense that so many aids exist. The Swingyde though promises to do the following:

  • Corrects the alignment of the clubface at impact
  • Trains the wrists how to properly cock and release throughout the golf swing
  • Improves your grip as well as corrects your swing plane
  • Makes sure your backswing is completed correctly
  • Increases your swing tempo
  • Ensures a correct start to the downswing
  • Ensures a correct follow through and release
  • Improves your overall distance and accuracy in your shot making

Some pretty impressive claims, and from my experience they’re all justified. It’s simple, cost effective, and works for any skill level of golfer. You can attach it to any of your clubs meaning you can perfect your swing for all the clubs in your bag. Did I mention it’s dirt cheap on amazon!?

Whether you’re a beginner learning how to swing or you’re an intermediate looking to perfect it, the Swingyde swing training aid is a must have. I hope this Swingyde review has helped.