Orange Whip Trainer Review

Us golfers are a wacky bunch, we’re always striving to get an edge over everyone else, and to do that sometimes we buy into the craziest of gizmo’s and gadgets that promise to help us increase our performance on the golf course.

Perhaps one of the wackiest things appearance wise that I have seen in the past year has to be the Orange Whip Trainer. On recommendation I just had to take a look, and in this Orange Whip Trainer Review you’ll find out exactly what it is and what I think about it.

What’s the Orange Whip Trainer?


The Orange Whip Trainer is a golf swing training aid and it’s similar to a golf club in design, except the shaft is fairly flexible and the end of the club has what looks like an orange attached to it. It comes in 3 different sizes, there’s one for men, one for women, and one kids.

The flexible shaft and counter-weighting system is designed to help you gain confidence in your golf swing. It helps you with your swing tempo, pointing out the errors you’re making, and telling you (through intuition) when to release or when you’re going too quickly or too slowly. It also gives you an incredible core workout, strengthening those muscles you use every time you swing the golf club.

Who’s the Orange Whip Trainer For?

The Whip Trainer is designed to help increase your swing consistency by developing a perfect swing tempo and rhythm. If you’ve been to the range and found that your tempo or rhythm is out then a few minutes with the Orange Whip Trainer will sort that out for you. So in my mind it’s ideal for all golfers, no matter the skill level.


If you want to increase your distance, develop consistency, and improve your core strength then the Orange Whip Trainer is a good training aid to have. If I had to choose between this and the Medicus Driver which I reviewed a couple weeks ago then it would have to the Orange Whip Trainer. It’s more affordable, it provides a better response, and it’s more convenient to use. I hope this Orange Whip Trainer review has helped.

You can get hold of Orange Whip Trainer in all reputable golf shops but the cheapest I’ve found is from Amazon at prices starting from around $100.

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