Best Golf Shoes for Walking

best golf shoes for walking

Golf shoes are often bought to provide more grip and make sure the wearer is comfortable when on the golf course, and they do the job well.

However, what if you are one of the many golfers who like to walk the golf course – a practice that is back in fashion these days?

While some golf shoes may be great for standing still and getting the perfect stance, walk 18 holes in them and you might find them not so good! This is why many golf shoe manufacturers have designed and manufactured golf shoes that are designed for both form and for comfortable golf.

Let’s take a look at some of the best golf shoes for walking that you can buy right now, and then we’ll have a more detailed look at the features you need to consider.

Our Top 10 Comfortable Golf Shoe Recommendations

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response

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In the world of sporting goods, few brands are household names, but Adidas can certainly lay claim to such. This golf shoe – the Tech Response – is designed for men in the classic style, and is certainly worth looking at.

Made from microfibre leather and mesh for comfort and protection from rain, and with a tough synthetic sole that should easily stand many rounds of golf, it’s a neat and understated design that is available in four color options, each including black, grey and white, it’s a step ahead of the traditional golf shoe.

This is a six-spike shoe for added grip and traction – we’ll talk later about the benefits or otherwise of spikes on walking shoes – and comes with a soft and cushioned insole, so comfort is guaranteed. It’s available in sizes from 7 upwards so should fit any player, and customer reports are very favourable, especially in terms of comfort, it’s great traction and how well it protects against wet grass.

All in all, a good choice for a golf enthusiast from a brand that guarantees quality products, not as expensive as you may expect and the best walking golf shoes available.

Key Features
  • Adidas brand
  • Six spike sole
  • Leather upper with mesh
  • All sizes
  • Synthetic sole
  • Comfort inner sole

2. New Balance Men’s NBG 2004

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Weighing in at a price very similar to the model above is this pair of golf shoes from a brand that is perhaps not as well known, but that has a reputation for quality shoes at sensible prices. This one features a 100% microfiber leather upper and a strong synthetic sole, so should provide the very best in protection against rain and wet grass.

It’s quite a stylish design if a little clumsy in parts, and comes in four understated yet attractive colour choices.

The cleats are removable and the sole is made from material designed to move with the natural motion of the foot, so should provide great comfort, and it has a fully cushioned insole so will add extra comfort for that long walk.

This pair of New Balance shoes have golf spikes – not all do, so that’s something to talk about – and meets with very favourable reviews from customers, and we can’t really fault it, so one to add to your shortlist of comfortable golf shoes perhaps?

Key Features
  • 100% leather upper
  • Fully waterproof
  • Clever sole technology
  • Comfort insole
  • Choice of color options
  • All the sizes

3. Footjoy Men’s Flex Golf Shoes

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If we described the above two examples as being ‘trainer style’ you’ll get what we mean. This shoe, from Footjoy, is a completely different design indeed, and is very stylish as a result. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s smart.

With a textile upper with mesh offering excellent breathability, and a tough synthetic sole as these golf shoes tend to have, this is a lightweight shoe that is designed for comfort, and it comes with an insole for cushioning.

The sole is designed for stability as well as comfort, and it is available in sizes from 8 upwards, but some of the in-between detail sizes are not catered for.

These are one of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market, so will appeal to those who prefer to play without, and while we are won over by the looks and customer reviews are pretty good all-round, we’re a little concerned at some reviews that point to them not being completely waterproof.

Be aware they are not cheap, either, but they do look great and truly are comfortable golf shoes for 18 holes.

Key Features
  • Lightweight
  • Very stylish
  • Fabric upper for breathability
  • Added insole for comfort
  • Synthetic sole for grip
  • Concerns about waterproofing

4. Puma Men’s Grip Fusion

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4th on our list of the best golf shoes for walking, a brand well-known for sporting gear of all kinds, Puma offers a range of products that are regarded as good quality, and at sensible prices.

This high-end golf shoe – it matches the price of the Adidas for reference – is designed more in the trainer or sneaker style, and while not as smart as some of the shoes our list is certainly worthy of consideration, PGA Tour pro Rickie Fowler loves them!

The mesh upper indicates this one is designed primarily for comfort and breathability rather than water protection.

A rubber sole is a neat touch that provides both traction and comfort, and a cushioned insole – very much a standard for golf shoes – also comes as part of the package. Indeed, Puma has developed its own ‘Fusion Foam’ inserts which makes a very comfortable golf shoe, and it meets with much approval.

Available in all sizes from 7 upwards and in some rather nice original color schemes, this spikeless golf shoe is widely approved by users, with the only downside mentioned being a lack of waterproofing.

We must’ve give a mention the Puma Ignite golf shoes, they’re also a great pair of golf shoes for walking and could easily have been on this list, check them out here.

Key Features
  • Puma brand
  • All sizes
  • Mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Decent choice of colours
  • Not waterproof

5. Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent

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While not a household name, Callaway is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the world of golf gear, equipment and clothing, and to have a list of golf shoes without one of their products would not be right!

The Balboa golf shoe is a very nice design – it looks great in the white version but not so hot in black – and features a mesh upper and synthetic sole, and this is another golf shoe that is not designed with spikes in mind, but with a grippy sole for traction.

This golf shoe is designed for comfort and breathability, so don’t expect it to be anything close to completely waterproof, and it has a clever insole and sock-liner for added comfort. You can buy it in sizes from 8 upwards, and it is priced in a similar way to the other brand names on the list.

Reviews are generally five-star or close, so the people who buy this are clearly buying it for the walking benefits it provides and are not concerned about wet conditions! You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for golf.

Key Features
  • Callaway brand
  • All the sizes
  • Mesh upper
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Two colours (looks great in white)
  • Not waterproof

6. Nike Men’s Explorer 2

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One of the biggest brands in the world, and especially in sports, is Nike, and this golf shoe is more of a traditional golf shoe. The Explorer is a very popular design that comes in a wide variety of colors – some very original – and it is designed with both comfort and waterproofing in mind.

The leather and mesh upper gives you both protection against the wet grass and breathability, so you are getting the best of both worlds.

The rubber sole is designed to be grippy and friendly to greens without the damage that spikes cause, and the insole is suitably cushioned for comfort, too. This spikeless shoe is available in sizes from 8 upwards – and notably, also in some wide varieties – and is priced in the bracket you would expect it to be, as it is not a budget shoe.

The Explorer 2 has been given many five-star reviews, and if there is one complaint it is that this is not a lightweight golf shoe, but nor is it designed to be.

Key Features
  • Nike Brand
  • Leather upper with mesh
  • Waterproof
  • All the sizes
  • Wide range of colours
  • Not as light as some

7. Adidas Men’s Traxion CP

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Back to Adidas for this one – and also for one more – as it is a brand that offers consistent quality in golf shoes. This model, the Traxion, is nicely made with a lightweight microfiber upper, so should provide waterproofing as well as breathability, and is fitted with a rubber sole and no spikes.

The insole is designed for comfort and works well, with a sock-liner adding to the comfortable feel, and the sole is grippy, durable and offers great traction.

Available in three subdued colors – or we should say shades as they are effectively white, grey and black – and in sizes from 7-upwards and including some wide options, this is a perfectly good golf shoe from a top brand and at a sensible price.

In terms of customer reviews it’s consistently higher than four stars and usually five, so full marks here for this pair of spikeless golf shoes.

Key Features
  • Adidas quality
  • Three colours
  • Adidas spikeless golf shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather upper
  • Waterproof

8. Adidas Adipower

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Our third selection from Adidas is also a nice golf shoe, and it’s one that comes with a six-spike sole. As we will discuss later, there are two schools of thought where spikes are concerned, so if you’re not a pro-spike player, this is not for you.

It’s a stylish and neatly designed golf shoe for men that comes with a microfibre leather and textile upper, so will provide some waterproofing if not 100%, and the sole is a material designed to durability and strength.

With padding for the heel and sole, each of which is effective and adds great levels of comfort, and quality construction throughout this is a golf shoe that is also very well-priced in this company, and one that is typical of the Adidas brand.

It meets with largely positive customer reviews but there are few that complain that the comfort level is not what they expected; perhaps that’s worth thinking about when choosing your size, which can be anything from 7 upwards.

Key Features
  • Adidas quality
  • All sizes catered for
  • Nice design
  • Leather and mesh
  • Semi-waterproof
  • 6 x spikes

9. Under Armour Showdown

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9th on our best golf shoes list, this one – from Under Armour, a brand that is highly regarded in these circles – offers perhaps more in terms of clever technology than others. It’s also a very stylish spikeless golf shoe, and one that comes in three simple combinations of white, black and silver.

The upper is – unusually for a golf shoe – made from premium full-grain leather, and this one comes with a 2-year limited waterproof warranty, so confident are the makers of its effectiveness in wet conditions.

A rubber, non-spiked sole is also a welcome touch for comfort and durability, the inner sole has a cork covered liner to drive away sweat, and it features sole design that gives traction and also enables easy walking.

There are a number of reviews from customers of this very stylish shoe, and all but one is five-star; the sole exception claims they ‘squeak a little bit’ but are otherwise great! This is a premium pair of golf shoes from Under Armour at a premium price, but might be the best golf shoes on this list.

Key Features
  • Respected brand
  • Full leather upper
  • No spikes
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • 2-year waterproof guarantee
  • Stylish design and colours

10. Puma Grip Fusion

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The final golfing shoe on our list is from the Puma brand – there’s another of their golf shoes earlier on the list – and it is another that we would advise you comes at a premium price.

It is, however, a very nice golf shoe indeed, styled neatly and very smart in each of the colors offered – and one that has no spikes, just a cleverly designed rubber sole that is designed for grip on the green without any damage.

This one has a microfibre upper for at least some level of waterproofing, is fitted with a Fusion Foam inner-sole that provides great comfort, and can be found in all sizes from 7 upwards. It’s well cushioned around the calf, too, so is very comfortable to wear.

They meet with very favourable customer reviews, too, although one or two complain about the quality of the premium leather. All in all, a good golf shoe that is in direct competition with the one above – which might not do it any favours.

Key Features
  • Microfibre leather
  • Puma brand
  • Stylish design
  • Nice colours
  • No spikes
  • Comfortable

That’s our selection of the 10 best golf shoes for walking, from the brands that we think do the job the best, but which one is for you? Before we try and give you a verdict, let’s talk about some of the features you need to consider.

The Buying Guide: Ensuring Comfort

Golf shoes that are comfortable, who would have thought it!

In fact, golf shoes have always been designed for comfort, but these days the technology involved in designing footwear means more details can be taken into account.

To begin our look at what you should be considering when buying a pair, we’re going to start with an important question: spiked, or non-spiked?

Spikes or No Spikes? That is the Question!

So, some golfers will tell you that they get fantastic grip with spiked shoes, while others will tell you they get equally great traction with no spikes! Who is telling the truth? What about stability when hitting your golf ball!?

Both are telling the truth, as it really comes down to personal choice. Some golfers prefer the feel of spikes when they walk on grass; others find it difficult to deal with. Some who try spiked shoes find them uncomfortable to walk in and wear, while others have no problem.

There is some truth in the fact that a spiked shoe will grip the ground better when the surface is wet, but modern soles are designed to overcome this. Then there’s the argument that spikes are not kind to the green: this is true, and in some places spikes are actually banned (so make sure you check before you buy).

The answer to the conundrum is this: try both, and stick with the one you find the most comfortable and that seems to help your game!

Golf Monthly have put together a great little video comparing spiked or spikeless golf shoes, see it below.


Now, a few more areas to consider when choosing golf shoes:


This is vital, and many of the golf shoes on our list have eschewed the likes of waterproofing, for example, in order to provide greater comfort. You need comfortable shoes to walk the course, but also for when you take up your stance and make your golf swing.

You need to be confident in your footwear, too, and notice how the sole connects with the ground. If you don’t have comfortable golf shoes, your game is going to suffer, so really do your research when choosing comfortable golf shoes, we’ve done the hard work for you!


Playing 18 round a golf course can take a long time, so you need to be sure that your feet can ‘breathe’ properly in your golf shoes. This is achieved by the use of microfibre materials and mesh fitments which help airflow, and stop the feet from sweating too much.

Dry feet are comfortable feet, so you need to make sure you have a pair of golf shoes with adequate airflow. Some of the golf shoes on our list have been designed with this feature to the fore.


Not all the golf shoes on our list can handle wet weather conditions, and those that are not are usually the ones that score highest in terms of breathability. It is difficult to find the combination of materials that gives you sufficient levels of both functions, so compromises have to be made.

If you play in the rain often you definitely need waterproof golf shoes (and a golf umbrella), as they will help you feel more comfortable. As always, the choice is yours, so find the compromise that gives you the best of both worlds.

Inner and Outer Soles

All of our picks offer a comfortable shoe, padded insoles that will keep you comfortable throughout a long game of golf, and some have gone further than others. It is standard to enjoy a padded insole, and when it comes to the outer sole, we have covered that in the part about spikes above.

What we will say is that you need a sole that is durable – so that means synthetic or rubber – and that connects with the surface in a manner that you are happy with, and there’s plenty of choice in our ten options.

spikes or no spikes


Having a pair of comfortable golf shoes is essential for walking the golf course, but let’s not forget, we’re not just walking on the golf course, we’re trying to play a good round.

Stability and traction are essential in any golf shoe, being stable allows us to make our golf swing confidently and commit to the golf shot. Having the best golf shoes for walking is excellent news for our feet, but let’s not forget about our game.

Luckily, the golf manufacturers have made life incredibly easy. As long as you go by the general rule of golf spiked shoes are for wet conditions and spikeless golf shoes are for dry conditions, you’ll be absolutely fine. The amount of modern technology out there these days, whether its hydromax technology in the Ecco Biom Hybrid golf shoes, or Tech Response 4 0 from Adidas, stability and traction is taken care of – it’s now a choice of which are the best golf shoes for walking that suit your feet.

Any Other Questions?

That’s pretty much a comprehensive list of what you need to look for in the best golf shoe, but we haven’t mentioned cost. The price range for each of the golf shoes we have included covers everywhere from around $50 to $150, so clearly there is a discrepancy in price. Our advice is to remember this: you do need specific golf shoes, as they are essential to getting your game right, and you should also consider that you may walk an average of four miles on typical 18-hole golf courses.

That’s not a small distance when you’re also carrying your kit, and your feet are going to take a great deal of the strain! We recommend that when you allocate a budget for your kit, give golfing shoes a high priority, look at known brands, and consider those with the longest warranty. It’s one of those cases of spending as much as you can afford!

So, now we’ve covered all that, what’s our verdict? Is there one pair of golf shoes that stands out from the 10? Well, there really isn’t, so what we’ve done is singled out three pair in different categories, these being Style, Comfort and Spiked, so you can choose the best golf shoes for your needs. So, here’s our choices:

Our Selected Picks

What are the most stylish golf shoes for walking?

The most stylish pair of golf shoes on this list is undoubtedly the Footjoy Men’s Flex Golf ShoesVery nice to look at, top quality and also light, be aware that they are not waterproof, so are not for use in wet conditions. A great-looking and very comfortable shoe.

What are the most comfortable golf shoes for walking?

We have to give this award to the Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf shoes, which has clearly been designed by people who know the golf industry. Being made from microfiber leather, and with many clever technological additions that are both for comfort and practicality, this may be one of the more expensive shoes here, but they’re definitely the best golf shoes for walking.

Which is the best spiked golf shoe for walking? 

If you do want a spiked golf shoe, and many players do, then we choose the New Balance Men’s NBG 2004 for its level of comfort, clever design, stability and also good looks, as well as full waterproofing from a premium leather upper. It’s a great golf shoe, and equally as good as any of the big name brands.

To Finish Up

So, that’s our review of the best golf shoes for walking and we hope we’ve helped you at least some way towards deciding which ones you need. Meanwhile, get yourself some new quality golf shoes, and here’s to comfortable, enjoyable golf from now on!