Golf for Beginners – Extensive Resource Section

golf-course-etiquetteThis area of the site is dedicated to all you beginner and intermediate golfers. I aim to provide you with all the information a newbie golfer would need to get started in golf the right way. It’s often very difficult for a beginner in any sport let alone golf, so it’s essential that you have somewhere to come and ask your questions.

Nothing is too simple here, whether you need to know how to fill in your scorecard, or how to work out your handicap, this golf for beginners section is committed to helping you.

A Beginner’s Starting Point

Rules, History, and more

  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – This is my 70+ page eBook that I’m giving away for free at the moment. You’ll find everything you need to know in there. Go and get it before I start charging for it!!
  • Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – Learn how to choose the right set for the beginner, which are the most important clubs, and see an example of the perfect set of golf clubs for the beginner.
  • Best Putters For High Handicappers – Discover some great tips on putting for beginners and high handicappers and check out our top 5 putter choices to knock strokes off your game immediately.
  • History of Golf – Golf is one of the oldest sports ever to have been played, and as a result it has some glorious history. Learn about it all in this section.
  • Rules of Golf – Here’s a quick article on some of the basic more important golf rules for the beginner golfer to absorb.
  • Proper Golf Etiquette – Proper golf etiquette is not only manners on the golf course. In this article you’ll learn about the most important unwritten rules you need to abide by.
  • Beginner FAQS – Frequently asked questions from readers, such questions as how to fill in a scorecard, what’s a mulligan, and how do I stand from the golf ball are answered here.
  • Common Golf Terms – Golf is a complicated game but if you understand a lot of the terms used it can make things a lot easier. The list is by far complete, but it does list the more important terms I could think of.
  • A Complete Guide to the Golf Handicap – If you ever wanted to find out about the golf handicap, or you have been slightly confused about how it works, then this in-depth guide will put all your unanswered questions to bed.
  • Golf Schools & Instructors – Starting the right way in golf is essential, and to do that I can’t recommend enough the importance of a one on one lesson with a club professional.
  • Golfing Dress Code – It can be daunting stepping onto a golf course, so make sure you’re wearing the right attire when you do.

Equipment Advice

Learn what clubs and other equipment you need

  • How to Size Golf Clubs – The length of a golf club directly relates to your height. Learn what size golf clubs you need by using this quick measuring tip.
  • What Golf Clubs Should I Buy? – What may be right for professionals may not be right for you, find out which golf clubs you should buy for your game.
  • Best Intermediate Golf Clubs – Learn how to choose the right set for the intermediate, which are the most important clubs, and see an example of the perfect set of golf clubs for the intermediate golfer.
  • Best Golf Balls for Beginners – For the beginner golfer you better get used to losing your golf balls, it’s a fact for a golfer of any skill level. You just have to face it; you’re going to lose a lot of them. There’s a big choice too, you can get refurbished, x-out, logo, lake, and many more, learn what each of them are and which are right for you here.

Other Equipment Info

  • Tips on Buying Your Golf Clubs – A quick tip for all those beginner golfers ready to buy their first set of golf clubs. Some really useful information that will save you cash in the long run!
  • How to Choose Golf Clubs – Handy article on choosing the ideal set of golf clubs for your game. Learn what you should be looking for, and where you should be looking to buy them from.
  • Best Advanced Golf Clubs – Learn how to choose the right set for the advanced, which are the most important clubs, and see an example of the perfect set of golf clubs for the advanced golfer.
  • Custom Fitted Golf Clubs – The perfect fitted clubs can do wonders for your game. Learn how important they are, and how they can affect your game in this article.
  • How to Clean your Golf Clubs – Keeping your golf clubs well maintained will prolong their life. Making sure the grooves are free from dirt will also improve their performance.
  • Guide to Buying Golf Clubs – Another article that will help you make the correct choice on buying your golf clubs. Learn more about the purchasing side of things and how you can get the best value for money on your clubs.

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