Best Golf Putters

best golf putters

I know you’ve heard it before, a 2ft putt has the same importance as a 300 yard drive, they are both one stroke and both very important – you have to get that ball in the hole, 18 times. Imagine you’ve hit the drive of your life, a very acceptable second shot to the green… then 3 putts! Oh no, why didn’t I practice my putting? Why didn’t I pay more attention to the putting. We’ve all been there, which is why you need the best golf putter for your skill level, whether it’s the most forgiving putter or the best looking – it’s essential!

The putter is a very important club, one you need to master, or at least, practice with and improve. At the end of your next round of golf, count how many times you used your putter. See what I mean?

Types Of Putter

Selecting the right putter to suit you gives a few options. Blade and mallet putters are the most common types of putter, each has its own design and benefits.

Blade Putters

Blade putters are the oldest type of putter. They have a simple design, a straight blade style clubhead attached to the end of the putter shaft, either near the heel of closer to the centre of the clubhead. No frills.

Mallet Putters

Mallet putters have more elaborate designs and large clubheads, although the clubface is square like a blade. It has to be. Can you imagine what effect a curved clubface would have? The weight of the clubhead of a mallet putter is away from the clubface, providing difference balance and feel. It’s all about feel.

Long putters

Long putters are still legal. In January 2016, the game’s rule makers made it illegal to lodge the putter grip against any part of the body, “anchoring” it. The rule states, the club is anchored “directly” when the player intentionally holds the club or a gripping hand in contact with any part of his body, except that the player may hold the club or a gripping hand against a hand or forearm. So, if your left hand is holding the top of the long putter, it must not be touching your chest during the stroke.

How To Swing Your Putter

Whichever you choose, the aim is to deliver a straight face to the ball, straight back and straight forward. Keep the clubface square. Swinging the putter in a pendulum movement may help to achieve this. Also, it helps to adopt the same technique leading up to hitting the ball. The movement of the putter is completely created by the rotation of your shoulders, not your arms and hands, which should be relaxed. Develop a feel for distance and pace by practising.

Here are five of the most popular putters on the market.

#1 Odyssey White Hot OG

The Odyssey White Hot OG is a modern version of Odyssey’s original White Hot. In the White Hot OG, the insert has been engineered to create a more consistent feel, sound and performance at impact. Even the recess in the face where the insert is placed has been upgraded. A new laser milling process allowed Odyssey to achieve even higher tolerances to better match the new insert to the various head shapes, improving consistency across the face.

Main features

• Laser milling cutting process
• Tour proven clubhead shape
• Highly engineered for more consistent feel and performance
• 12 month guarantee


Many golfers use and love this classic putter, well balanced, soft feel but you made need to replace the grip with a larger one.

#2 TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3 Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Platinum putter was designed to give golfers the ultimate in stability and is one of the best forgiving putters at impact, which has been accomplished in a couple of ways. Most notably, perimeter weighting helps improve performance on mis-hits, while TaylorMade’s proprietary Pure Roll insert combines 45-degree grooves and soft polymer to create incredible feel and topspin, the latter of which gets the ball rolling more quickly for improved distance and speed control. The Spider Tour Platinum also features a long alignment line on the top of the putter to help people get the ball started on the correct line, and its face-balanced design will work best for players who use a straight back, straight through putting stroke or those who have minimal arc in their stroke.

Main features

• Modern mallet head design
• Clubhead weight 360 g
• Loft, 2.5 degs
• Lie angle, 70 degs
• Pure Roll insert
• Perimeter weighting
• Easier to align


A favorite with the pros. Golfers love this putter.

#3 Cleveland Golf 2019 Men’s Huntington Beach Soft Putter

The Precision Milled face features a diamond shaped pattern that is rough to the touch and four times deeper than previous grooves on Cleveland putters. This creates a softer feel and a more consistent roll so that you have more chance of holing your putts. Cleveland says that the smash factor or speed off the face is reduced by 4% on the previous Classic Collection HB putters to give the Huntington Beach that softer feel.

Main features

• Precision milled face for softer feel and more consistent roll
• Made from soft 304 stainless steel
• Tour proven shape


The deep milling creates a super soft feel, but not pillowy like some of the polymer insert putters. Even with the soft feel there is still good feedback. The weight is fantastic, and although the grip feels awkward at first, it grows on you very quickly as it helps you square the putter.

#4 Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized M5 Mallet Golf Putter

The Wilson Harmonized M5 Putter is designed with a full-mallet shaped head that is ideal for any player looking to improve their putting stroke. The micro-injected polymer face insert produces a consistent roll and incredible response on every putt. If you’re looking for a great mallet putter that won’t break the wallet, this putter is a good choice.

Main features

• Easy alignment design
• Soft feel insert
• Vertical seam grip


Great value for money. Superb balance. High quality for a great price.

#5 Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

The PGX SL Putter is the newest putter to join the family and is already one of the most popular models Pinemeadow Golf has ever produced. The PGX SL features a 2X ORB alignment system unlike any other Pinemeadow putter. The top line will assist in lining up your putts and making sure you are on target from the start.

The Consistent face insert creates a nice smooth roll while minimizing skipping.

Main features

• Center balanced
• Consistent face insert
• 2X ORB alignment system
• Headcover included
• Pinemeadow spider grip


Solid feel, easy to control pace and distance, a great putter for the money, no need to spend hundreds of dollars when this putter does the job.