Finding the Best Driver for a Beginner | Finding the Best Driver for a Beginner
If you haven’t yet taken a look at my best golf clubs for a beginner article, make sure you do, as I touch on all the clubs in the your bag, not just your driver!

Often when people come to me asking what the best beginner golf driver is, I tell them about the two main elements, the driver loft, and the shaft flex. These are the two areas in which you need to look at before purchasing your driver.

The Importance of Driver Loft and Shaft Flex

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For a beginner golfer, the ideal loft on a golf driver should be 10.5 degrees minimum. In fact, for a beginner I’d go as far as an 11, 12, or maybe even 13 degree loft driver.

The reason I recommend a higher degree of loft is because a club with a higher loft is generally more forgiving and therefore much easier to hit consistently. Just look at a 9 iron or a wedge, they’re the easiest clubs in your bag to hit. Compare that to how difficult the long irons such as 3, 4, or 5 are to hit. The higher loft encourages the ball flight to go upwards rather than outwards, helping with the slices or hooks I often see in a beginner’s game.

The shaft flex is another common problem I see when it comes to the best beginner golf driver. The stiffness of the shaft affects the swing a great deal. It’s important that the shaft on the driver is soft enough so you can learn how to swing it correctly and release. Also, if you’re a beginner whose swing speed isn’t quite as high as a 20 something then I recommend going with a regular to light flex shaft. If you’re in your twilight years then maybe even a senior flex shaft will be better.

Remember loft and a soft shaft are the two most important elements to have in your driver. It will help with consistency and accuracy, two of the main aspects of golf beginners continue to forget. Distance should be a distant thought, never to be engaged until you get the consistency and the accuracy into your driving!

Beginner Golf Drivers I Recommend

For male beginners:

tec_plus_460TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s

The TEC Plus Men’s Ti Matrix 460cc Driver features a deep face and maximum C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) design. C.O.R. is a measure of how efficiently energy, in the form of velocity, is transferred between the ball and the club head. Essentially, a maximum C.O.R. means that the club head has the largest, USGA-legal “spring-like” effect.

The titanium matrix construction is perfect for long shots off the tee. The graphite shaft is strong and stable, and the grip means the club will stay securely in your hand. This right-handed club delivers great distance and a low trajectory, and is great choice for any amateur looking for an affordable driver.

For beginner ladies:

TEC Plus 460 cc Ladies Offset Driver

UK Visitor?

Unfortunately the TEC Plus driver can’t be shipped to the UK, but that doesn’t matter because you can get your hands on the Wilson Men’s Prostaff HDX Driver, which has the option of the 12 degree loft too.