What’s the Best Driver for a Slice?


When it comes to fixing your slice with a driver, there’s no better way to do so than with one-on-one golf lessons from a qualified golf instructor. I know, you’ve landed on this page thinking there’s some equipment that will provide a quick and easy fix, but the fact is, the only way to cure a slice is to get to the root of the problem. It’s like trying to solve a leaky roof by catching water with an empty pan, sure it’s going to keep your house from flooding temporarily, but it’s not solving the root of the problem.

I’m not saying an anti-slice driver won’t help you with your slice, because it will, it’s just not something I would turn to when I need to fix my slice. To do that you need to go over your swing with a qualified instructor who can analyze your swing and point out any errors and suggest ways to improve it, then it’s down to you to work on those errors.

However, with all that in mind, some golfers just don’t have the time nor the patience or financial willing to want to go the lesson route. You may be a social golfer and play just on the weekends for fun, perhaps the majority of you are in this bracket, which is why sometimes I would break the rules a little and just say yeah… invest in an anti-slice driver, as they do help with hitting those tee shots right.

How Does an Anti Slice Driver Cure My Slice?

The most common cause I see for slicing with a driver is the clubface being open at impact. This can be down to a combination of reasons (which is why I recommend seeing a golf instructor). For this you have a driver with a closed face. Other designs of anti slice drivers include heel weighting, offset drivers, or a combination of the 3, all designed to help you keep the clubface square at impact.

An Ideal Driver for Someone with a Slice

My opinion would be a driver with a combination of the above 3 designs ideally. Those being offset, closed face, and heel weighting. Depending on the severity of your slice I would be inclined to go for a club with all 3. But like I keep repeating, the best anti slice driver won’t completely solve your slice, it’s just a patched job. However, you can expect to hit the ball several feet left of where you normally hit it, which with all due respect, could be the difference between you hitting in the rough or hitting it down the fairway!

Recommended Anti Slice Drivers


Taylormade R7 Draw Driver – Specifically weighted to promote straighter drives for most players, the r7 Draw driver combines Taylormade”s Draw-Weighted technology with the latest materials and construction techniques to let you take the right side out of play.



Tour Edge Ladies GeoMax 2 Draw Driver – Ideal for eliminating the slice, the GeoMax II Draw drivers and fairway woods feature the same technology as the standard GeoMax II metal woods but include a more forward offset hosel. This design promotes faster club head rotation, making it easier to square up the club face at impact. Additional weight in the heel also helps close the face. This double slice-fighting combination straightens out your long shots so you can stay in your own fairway.