How to Fix a Slice with a Driver

If you need to know how to fix a slice with your driver, I’ve got a tip for you that will help you hit your drives straighter forever. Believe it or not, it all comes down to correct ball position and spine angle.

When you hit an iron your ball position is generally to the middle of your stance however, when it comes to hitting a driver, the golf ball should be off the instep of the heel on your left foot (or right for lefties).


The ball position is important, but the spine angle is essential to fixing a slice with a driver. If you setup as you would hitting an iron shot, take a swing and you’ll notice how your weight is balanced on your left side and your hands come ahead of the golf ball. This causes a wicked slice as the driver head is open at impact.

To counteract this, be sure to position the ball as I’ve illustrated in the picture above, but as you address the golf ball, tilt your spine away from the ball to the right slightly.


This will naturally take your hands further back away from the clubhead and behind the ball, which will help you keep that clubface from opening at impact. The key is to keep your spine angle and your hands behind the ball at all times (including the follow through and finish). Do that and you should be on your way to correcting your driver slice and hitting straighter than ever!