What are the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers?

Beginner Golf Clubs
Expensive golf clubs are never the right choice for beginners!

As a beginner golfer (high handicapper) you’re probably having a hard time consistently hitting the ball, this could be because you haven’t been using the best clubs for your skill level. What you need to use are clubs that offer maximum forgiveness whilst also providing distance and consistency in order for you to improve your game. In this article, I’ll go through each club in your bag and just what type you’ll need to get that consistency and power into your shot making.

What is the Ideal Beginner Golf Club Set?

A complete beginner golf set can vary in the number of clubs, though generally, they have 12-17 clubs in them. These include a driver, fairway wood, irons, hybrid clubs, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. Below I have put together some information on all the things you must consider having in the ideal beginner golf club set.

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Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set18 Male US Golfer
Strata Plus 14-Piece Complete Set14Female US Golfer
Wilson Prostaff Graphite Shafted Complete Set11Male UK Golfer
Ben Sayers Women M15 Complete Golf Set11Female UK Golfer

I recommend the Callaway Strata’s 12 Piece set as the perfect fit for any beginner golfers.

What to Look for in Beginner Golf Clubs?

The best golf clubs for the beginner golfer are ones that will induce maximum forgiveness and improve your ball striking abilities.

To combat the problem of inconsistent hitting, an over-sized club with a larger sweet spot is ideal. The larger the clubface is, the more it decreases the chance of a mishit shot. With irons, the perimeter weighting increases the sweet spot on the clubface, that in turn increases the forgiveness, allowing you to hit straighter more consistently.

Shots that are hit on the toe or the heel of the club can be hit a lot truer with the weighting in place, as the contact is made a lot more solid than without the perimeter weighting. A club with a wide sole will slice through the grass a lot easier and will result in much higher shot trajectory. Also, slightly shorter clubs will help with a better club to ball contact.


The driver of a beginner should be larger in terms of head size so that the size of the club face and hitting area are increased. Also, the additional loft of at least 12-15 degrees will help increase the height of your shots. The added loft as described will increase the backspin and reduce the risk of left or right curves as mentioned above. You can read more about finding the best beginner golf driver here.

Fairway Wood

For shots from the fairways or rough, you should always use a hybrid or a wood as they tend to have more of a loft together with a low center of gravity. A club with more loft and low center of gravity will be easier to use to get the ball high in the air and to also get more distance from your shots. In addition to the loft aspect of shots, the more backspin you shall retain, which will then counteract with the side spin or topspin, and will keep the ball from curving as much, resulting in a much straighter shot.


a beginner style mallet putterPutting will be very difficult for you at first, and three putts are very commonplace. With practice though, you will get better. You don’t have to be an athlete to putt well, but it can still be very hard for beginners to judge the distances of putts well. Keeping your head directly over the ball can help, but a good alignment system should be in place too.

Traditional Blades should be best left to the expert putters. They are designed to give the highest touch and feel of any putter and so it’s harder for recreational golfers like you to control. Beginners will have much more success on the greens if they opt for mallet putters with an offset (pictured to the right). You may have noticed mallet putters have lines on the putter head, this will aid you in lining up your putts. The offset shaft is designed to get your eye over the ball, as it allows you to line up your shots easier than a straight shaft.

Read my article on how to choose the best beginner putter here.


callaway big bertha cavity back ironSome super game improvement irons for beginners are the choice for more consistent shots. SGI clubs offer perimeter weighting, cavity back, a wider sole, and a low center of gravity too. The club choice range can be from either 6 through to pitching wedge or 6 through to sand wedge. The cavity back (pictured right) and wider sole make them much more forgiving.

The sand wedge will offer more loft and more bounce for shots around the rough or in the sand. The bounce is the feature on the sole of the club and it helps the club to glide easily through rough or sand. Follow this for the best golf irons for beginners.

Clubhead Type

A club with an offset clubhead will help, as the clubface arrives at impact slightly later. This results in the club head being closed rather than open at the moment of impact with the ball. The offset of the club head will also induce the hands into moving forward slightly in the grip, which will help you with the problem of hitting the ground before hitting the ball. A club head that has an adjustable weighting system can be adjusted to suit the golfers’ particular swing pattern.

Best Beginner Golf Club Set

When it comes to purchasing your first or even 2nd set of clubs it makes sense to buy wisely. You don’t want to go out and spend thousands on a new set of clubs, not just yet, there are a few years of practice first 🙂 To save money it’s important you look for cheap golf clubs. Further bargains are to be had when you buy in complete sets. A good set of golf clubs sold together as a package can be bought for as little as $200-$300, even less if you go second hand.

As a pointer, below I’ve listed what I think are the best golf club sets for the price and quality…

Callaway Strata 12 Piece Set (Recommended!)

This 12-piece set of men’s golf clubs from Callaway provides golfers with everything they need to hit the course, including a 460cc titanium composite forged driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, four irons, pitching wedge, and a mallet putter. The driver features a graphite shaft and a huge sweet spot for extreme distance. The perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons are designed to offer superior forgiveness, control, and feel. The putter is equipped with alignment stripes for enhanced accuracy. Included is a lightweight, durable stand bag with a padded dual-carry strap, along with a rain hood and club head covers.

Read the Reviews on the Callaway Strata’s

Based in the UK?

If you’re in the UK then I’ve heard some good things about the Wilson Prostaff HL’s. You can read the reviews of the Wilson Prostaff HL’s here.

Don’t worry ladies, I’ve also put together the best golf clubs for womenor if you’re advanced in years be sure to take a look at my article on the best golf clubs for seniors.

If you’re still having trouble finding the right clubs for you then I’m always here to help, just get in touch and I’ll help you best I can.

Good luck!



  1. Hi Rob, I am a student that has recently taken up an interest in golf, and am wondering if the PROSIMMON DRK GOLF CLUBS COMPLETE PACKAGE SET INC BAG from Amazon is worth the money. I would thank you for any comments made on the matter. I have no clubs, and this would be my first set.

    • Hi Pat,

      The DRK’s are pretty much the same clubs as the top flite 13 piece set which I recommend to all beginners in the US. The DRK’s are well worth the money, you get everything you need and the clubs are real quality.

  2. Hi Rob
    Im looking at purchasing a set of beginners clubs, i have a terrible hook off the tee from left to right and struggle with long irons off the fairway!!! ( thats if the ball stays on after the tee shot). Ive been told about some wilson cgi from the American golf store at around £249. Please help

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for stopping by. My advice would be to get that hook resolved before worrying about which clubs to buy as they’re not going to solve your problem. Take a few swing lessons at your local driving range see if they can rectify it. Also, make sure you read my article on how to cure the hook.

  3. Hi Rob,

    I have recently started playing golf and was handed down a set of ’96 Big Bertha Irons that were barely used. Some days I hit the irons well, down to the 6 and other days not so much. I was wondering if these irons are right for me as I am a college student with limited funds. Also, the grips have never been replaced and wanted your opinion on how big of a factor they are to my swing. Thank you for your help in advance.

    • Hi Mike,

      Those big bertha’s are a little outdated, there’s better improvement technology out there nowadays. Super game improvement irons like the ones in the Top Flite XL set are perfect for beginners, and they’re affordable too.

  4. Hi Rob,
    I’m a beginner and looking for a set of clubs. I checked the reviews for the Top Flite you recommended and seems there are some issues for the club heads flying off as well as the driver denting. Overall though most reviews are solid. Wondering your opinion of the Powerbilt zr-4 set compared to the Top Flite? Found only limited reviews for this set and seems very comparable but thought I’d check with someone who may know.
    Thanks for your help and advice as well as this informative website.

    • Hi Pete,

      With any clubs you’re bound to get some negative reviews, but there are very few with these clubs, in fact 99% of the reviews are positive. If you factor in that the majority of people leave reviews if they’ve had bad experiences, the feedback really speaks for itself. I’m afraid I’m unaware of the Powerblitz zr-4’s, so can’t really give you any feedback.

  5. hello my name is bill and i took golf lesson 2 years ago but never had the time to play due to busy work and school schedule im 5 foot 6 which would bee a good off the shelf begginer lub set for me thank you

    • Hey Kim,
      The Top Flite XL’s are suited to men, but there’s no saying a woman could not use them. If they’re the right length and shaft flex for your game then there’ll be no problem, obviously the design is aimed at men as well, if that doesn’t bother you then you’re a-ok.

  6. Hello Rob,

    I’m a beginner at golf. I’m wanting to up grade to a new set. Would it be better to get the top flight set or for about the same price my local store has a set of Tayloade r7 irons used and I can get a driver. The pricing would come about about the same

    • Hi Mike,

      I recommend the Top Flite’s because you get everything you need, nothing more nothing less, they’re good clubs and it’s a simple easy to use setup, ideal for beginners. Longer irons in the R7 set are harder to hit, the top flite’s come with easier to hit hybrids instead of longer irons. Also, when you buy used clubs, you’re buying clubs that are ideal for the person that used them. If you decide to buy the R7’s be sure that the shaft length and flex is right for you and your swing speed.

  7. Hi Rob,

    I’m looking at the Prosimmons as I’m in the UK. One thing i’m confused about is the length of the shaft. I am 6ft, so probably average height, so I guess the DRK set would probably be fine. Is there anything else i need to think about before buying as a beginner?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi lee,

      The DRK’s are for average height, so between 5ft 6 – 6ft 1. Other things you need to think about are shaft flex and material. I recommend graphite shaft as it’s lighter which will help increase your swing speed. Also, if you want to get more control over your shots I recommend stiff to regular flex shafts. The softer the flex the less control you have over your shots. If you want distance over accuracy then choose softer flex shafts. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Rob,

    What set do you recommend for women? I am only 5’4, so i worry that the Top Fligth mentioned would be too long.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lindsay,

      The Top Flite XL’s could be used by women, you’re 5’4 so they should be just about fine. If you don’t mind the design and colour there’s no reason why you can’t use them. However, a lot of lady golfers who are readers of the newsletter recommend the Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE’S.

  9. Hi Rob,
    So I am a beginner to intermediate golfer and I am 6’5″ I am 100% sure that my clubs are too short for me but I don’t really feel like I am ready to go and spend a lot of money getting fitted for longer clubs. Is there a set of beginner clubs that you know of or could recommend? I know you say the Top Flites but I feel like those are standard length. Thanks for you help

    • Hey LJ,

      The top flite’s I recommend above are too short but the Prosimmon X9’s are available in +1 Tall, they’ve got some rave reviews and include everything in the Top Flite set.

  10. Hi Rob,
    I’m looking to get my first set of clubs but I’m 6’3″ and only in high school. I was wondering if this set is a good buy as I am bound to grow another couple of inches over the next few years?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for stopping by. As I said to LJ above, the Prosimmon X9’s are available in +1, have a look at them, they have everything the Top Flite set does but with an extra inch on the shafts. Standard lengths are suitable for upto 6’2, but the X9 +1’s are okay for people up to 6’9.

  11. Hey Rob,
    I am 15years old in a week and starting to golf again. I am 5,5″ and was wondering the following: will yoir recommended XL clubs work for me? I have grown alot this year as I have gone from a mere 5′ in september to almost 5’6″ in April. I would need the right length clubs. Recommendations?

    Thank You,

    • B,

      The XL’s are suitable for people who are 5’6 to 6’2 in height, so they should be more than okay for you now and as you grow.

  12. I am a left-handed beginner and looking to buy my first set. I would like to get a set that is going to last me a while as I learn and get better. I see you recommend the top-flite xl, how does it compare to the Voit v7 set?

    • Hi Jose,

      Good question. Personally and from the reviews I’ve seen the Voit don’t offer the same quality as the XL’s. Also, the driver in the XL set is forged, which means you get a better feel on your drives, giving you instant feedback on your shots. The Voits only come with 1 hybrid and include a 5 iron, the XL’s come with a 4H and a 5H, removing the 5 iron which is harder to hit. The XL’s irons are perimeter weighted also, giving you an increased sweetspot on the clubs allowing for greater forgiveness. Hope that helps.

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