Best Golf Push Cart

best golf push cart

It’s no easy feat both playing well and lugging your clubs around the course with you, although golf is being played more and more by younger players, there’s no shame in investing in a golf cart.

In this article we are going to discuss the top 8 best golf push carts on the market, our aim is both quality and providing you with the most value for your money.

It’s an obvious one but a here’s a quick overview, golf carts are a small push/pull trolley that’s designed to carry all of your golf equipment, and you can use it in almost all weather conditions. For the modern golfer, they are a crucial part of the game, allowing you to focus your energy on the next shot.

A golf push cart will knock shots off your game, lead to a more enjoyable round of golf and eventually save you money.. due to losing less balls in the club captains charity lake!

Best Golf Push Cart: Our Top 8 Recommendations

1. Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart – The Best Seller

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The Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart features an infinitely adjustable silicone bag strap system to secure your bag.

It comes with an adjustable upper saddle that can adapt to fit multiple bag sizes, it also comes with a lower saddle support to prevent your bag from rubbing against the front wheel.

With its aircraft grade, scratch resistant aluminum frame, this golf club caddy is both durable and lightweight weighing in at just 21lbs.

The caddy comes equipped with a parking hand brake to ensure the cart doesn’t roll away into the nearest bunker!

This number one best seller of a golf push cart comes exclusively with a standardized cup holder, umbrella mount and additional accessory tabs for inter-connectivity with other clicgear products.

Key Features
  • Adjustable saddle –Adjust from a junior bag to a full-size bag in seconds.
  • Lower Saddle – New design allows for more clearance between the base of your bag and the front wheel.
  • Silicone Strap – Better straps for grip and adjustability
  • Umbrella & scorecard console – Improved security and space with a mesh net bag for your smartphone, golf balls, tees and anything else you need.
  • Compact size – 24” x 15” x 13”
  • Brake system – Conveniently positioned hand brake system gives you quick and easy access to stop at any time.

2. CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

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The CaddyTek four-wheel golf push cart is unique with its patented one-click button folding technology, easily collapse your caddy with the simple push of a button.

The strong aluminum frame is designed to last and weighs less than 17lbs.

The large 11.5” rear and 10.5” front maintenance and air free tyres provide perfect traction for travelling across multiple terrain types.

With a 27” wide body, the Caddytek is designed for effortless pushing, with its added front wheel suspension adding balance to the cart.

The push cart comes with a scorecard holder, integrated storage compartment, beverage holder, GPS holder, cell phone holder and a mesh net for other bits and bobs.

Key Features
  • Adjustable – This push cart comes with a built in adjustable handle height to allow for multiple pushing positions, it also comes equipped with a foot brake.
  • Plenty of storage – For extra storage, a mesh net basket with built in cooler is included.
  • Mobility – With large 11.5” x 2.6” rear wheels you can guarantee no issue when travelling over different types of terrain.
  • Style – This golf cart has a good stylish design and has a choice of 4 accented colors.
  • Accessories –There are many accessories included with the CaddyTek 4 wheel push cart including a built-in umbrella mount.

3. Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart

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The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX golf push cart makes walking the course stress and hassle free.

The cart has a simple yet sturdy design which is easy to fold and compact size, with ample storage space for anything you would need out on the golf course.

This push golf cart is well designed with two brackets, with an easy to fold handle which folds the front wheel into compact and easy to load position, making getting it in and out of the car incredibly easy.

Quite a nice feature is the fact your golf bag can even stay attached to the cart, meaning you will never have to disconnect your golf bag again.

With it’s large wheels, the cart glides smoothly over any rough terrain on the course, and the ability to adjust the handle is one of the many things that makes the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx golf push cart one of the best golf push carts available.

Key Features
  • Improved attachment system – With improved upper and lower bag brackets you can easily adjust to hold golf bags of all sizes.
  • Adjustable handle – A new re-designed handle to allow for a larger mesh tray.
  • Compact size – Folds away in 2 easy steps, with a light weight of 17.85lbs, it folds to the compact size of 37” x 16” x 13”.
  • Accessories – There aree optional accessories you can buy for this golf cart, it has a bracket to attach a speed car seat or an industrial sand/seed bottle holder.

4. Tangkula Golf Push Cart, 4 Wheeler

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As far as safety is concerned, Tangkula have spared no thought with this design.

The foot operated brakes are a great idea, it couldn’t be easier to slow the push cart down should you find yourself picking up speed – a push cart is meant to make your life easier, and the Tangkula push cart definitely does that.

The quality braking system, modern technology wheels with ball bearings and light steel frame, all contribute to making this a quality golf cart that will definitely make your playing partners a tad envious.

If there wasn’t enough innovation already packed into this cart, easy-clip bag straps make it so easy to keep your bag secure.

Weighing in at 19lbs, this cart glides along the fairways, and don’t worry, should you get tired, it comes with a stool attachment – but we’d advise against using that, it wouldn’t go down well with your playing partners!

Designed for active golfers, this cart is a quality product that we’d definitely recommend – it’s got over hundreds of positive reviews and is very well priced, definitely worth checking out.

Key Features
  • Multiple handle positions – This cart offers four levels of adjustable heights for different golfers, essentially guaranteeing comfort.
  • PU Leather Padded Seat – Soft PU leather padded seat is included with this cart to provide you with a comfortable place to perch between shots.
  • Accessories – Plenty of accessories come with this wonderful caddy.
  • Additional Hook – The Tangkula golf push cart comes with an additional hook, so you can hang a small item, like a towel for easy access on those rainy, or sweaty days.

5. Tangkula Golf Push Cart, 3 Wheeler

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The Tangkula Golf Push Cart is simple to fold away in only 2 steps. It’s compact in size and approximately 17lbs in weight, so it can easily be placed in the trunk of your car, even if its a small one.

Built with a high-quality aluminum frame, with EVA cover wheels, this cart is both simple, yet a solid option. It’s compact and durable design ensures it can carry the largest of bags with ease.

With its 10.2” rear and 9.5” front EVA maintenance free wheels, the Tangkula Golf push cart provides balance and easy mobility on the golf course.

This golf cart includes an umbrella holder, beverage holder, golf tee holder, scorecard holder and an integrated storage compartment making it one of the best carts on the market, the braking system also has a simple release function – a great pick.

Key Features
  • Movement & Parking – Its large wheels allow for easy movement and stability in and around the course.
  • Collapsible and easy to carry – Easy 2 step folding mechanism and lightweight to boot, means that it’s super easy to fold away.
  • Durable and practical – Large weight capacity and extremely good balance allows you to have a long lasting practical push cart to carry your bag for you.
  • Extras – Comes inclusive of an umbrella holder, beverage holder, storage compartment and much more. The Tangkula golf cart has a pedal style braking system making it easy to use.

6. Bag Boy Quad xL Golf Cart

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The Bag Boy Quad XL golf cart is an excellent addition for any golfer’s game, with an oversized storage bag, you’ve got the extra space for extra clubs (check out our beginner reviews here).

Your cart bag can be attached to the Quad XL golf cart using innovative technology that will keep the bag, and your clubs, secure.

It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d be hoping for, including an integrated beverage holder, a phone holder, tee holder, ball marker holder and umbrella holder.

All of this convenient storage on a secure, easily adjustable four wheeled design makes the Bag Boy Quad XL golf cart the perfect choice when playing 18 holes.

Key Features
  • Easy to transport – Compact fold size for storage and transport at only 24” x 17” x 16”
  • Multi terrain – Four wheels offers superior stability to most 3 wheeled golf carts. It also has air free tyres, so you don’t have to worry about getting a puncture.
  • Unique TOP-LOK Technology – A patented bag to cart attachment system to attach your golf bag to the frame.
  • Lightweight – Weighing in at approximately 14.2lbs this push cart is one of the lightest available on the market.

7. Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

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The Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart has an extra wide, durable frame and has three wheels for stability, two wheels in the rear and one at the front.

Its fill-feature extra deep scorecard holder includes golf ball storage and GPD / Mobile phone holder.

The cart is compact and folds in three easy steps for simple and compact storage. The golf push cart comes built with an anti-twist bar to stop your bag twisting around through your game.

This particular push cart weighs in at a light 13.7lbs and folds up to a small 21.5” x 13” x 18” footprint making it ideal for getting in and out of your car trunk.

The Bag Boy Compact Push Cart also comes with an adjustable upper bag bracket and support arms. Its 3 wheel design is ideal for rough terrain.

Key Features
  • Extra Deep Storage – This includes golf ball storage, a smartphone holder and an integrated drinks holder.
  • Simple design – The simple 3 step folding system is revolutionary. Its 3-wheel design makes it easy on rough terrain.
  • Oversized wheels – Comes with 9.5” front and 11.5” rear oversized wheels for ease of access through the rough terrain.
  • Handle mounted parking brake – At waist height, the Compact 3 has an easy to use handle mounted braking system so you can be sure your cart won’t wheel off on its own.

8. Tangkula Golf Push Cart

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Lastly on our list of the best golf push carts, we have the Tangkula Golf Push Cart. It’s a lightweight and compact golf cart that will do the job, It can be easily dismantled making storage at home, or in your trunk, incredibly easy.

It’s practical frame, constructed from high quality aluminum, means it only weightsin at 16lbs, it can easily be picked up with one hand, so saving you energy on the course is guaranteed.

With four EVA wheels it ensures you have a large carrying capacity for your golf bag and other bits. The maintenance free wheels make the carts easy to push.

With its large rear wheels (10.5”) and front wheels at 9.5” the EVA wheels are maintenance free, providing balance and easy mobility on the golf course.

This model comes with a rear wheel brake system and a parking pedal to keep your push caddy in place while you concentrate on the next shot.

There is minimal assembly required for this push cart. In the box you will receive your folding golf cart, umbrella holder, scorecard holder with an extra storage compartment, golf tee holder and it even includes a cup holder for any beverage of your choice!

Key Features
  • Light weight – This design weighs in at a light 16lbs, making it easy to push around the course.
  • Adjustable bag straps – This unique model has adjustable bag straps, allowing you to attach any size bag to the push caddy.
  • Size – 26” x 16” x 12”, Front wheel 9.5”, rear wheel 10.5”.
  • Extras – Lots of extra storage and a holder for just about everything imaginable, makes this a very useful golf cart.

Buying Guide: What To Look For

To get the right golf push cart, you’ll firstly need to know how to choose the right one. Below is a list of things to look out for in order to ensure you get the best quality product.

  • Braking system – The most popular braking system for your golf push cart is the foot break. The second most popular braking system involves a hand brake, much like on a bicycle. A hand brake also has the ability to be locked via the use of a push/pull method.
  • Folding Capabilities – Golf push carts, when fully extended, can be up to four foot in length and height, this can be a big inconvenience. Having the ability to fold or collapse your golf push cart will make storage a non-issue.
  • Wheel Types – Travelling through rough terrains on the golf course is essential for your golf push cart, just like picking a forgiving wedge, you’re going to want forgiving wheels.
  • Weight concerns – Purchasing a push cart that is light weight and high in performance are key considerations for you, most golf push carts will weigh anywhere between 10 and 25 lbs.
  • Fixtures and fittings – Having the ability to accessorize is an added bonus when looking at push cart golf caddies. There are a number of carts on the market that will have custom or unique fixtures and fittings, look out for these fixtures to ensure you get one of the very best carts on the market.


Is it better to push or pull a golf cart?

For many golfers a long-standing question is, “Which is better. A push cart or a pull cart?” The short answer to the question is that golf push carts are the best choice.

A golf cart is all about saving energy, to improve your game. To get the most out of your golf game, you’ll want to invest in a push cart, not lugging around a pull cart behind you – that can get almost as tiresome as carrying your clubs on your shoulder.

There is however, the smartest of all options available on the market, these are push/pull carts, they come in at a bigger price range and may well be worth upgrading to once you’ve decided a cart of some kind is for you.

Why do you need a push golf cart?

Whether you’re walking around a gated community or cruising from the 1st to the 18th hole, on the golf course there are many reasons for a person to buy a golf cart.

Two huge benefits to getting yourself a push cart:

  • Getting around – Many people use golf carts as a way to get around gated communities quickly. The shape and stability make it great for running errands
  • Golfing – Any golfer worth their salt will have their own personalized push cart for golf bags and accessories, it’ll knock shots off your round!

The other obvious reason for a golf push cart is exercise, with obesity being a growing pandemic in the United States, exercise has never been more needed.

With golf push carts you can walk 9 or 18 holes with ease and not having to worry about carrying all of your equipment from hole to hole.

A push cart also makes your time golfing more enjoyable as it means you can spend more time golfing and chatting to your friends as you move from hole to hole.

How many wheels should I have on my push cart?

3-Wheels vs 4-Wheels, that’s a question many avid golfers like to ask themselves when buying the best push cart to attach your golf bag too.

While there is often little to no difference between the two models of golf push cart, they still differ greatly with various features.

Comparing 3-wheel vs 4-wheel is easy, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, however, if ease of use is what you’re looking for, then the 3 wheeled models are likely your best choice – less wheels, less things to go wrong.

On the other hand, if stability is your main focus then a four wheeled golfers cart is probably best, with four wheelers being easier to push on flat terrain.

Both 3 and 4 wheelers have their merits in the world of push carts, but for maximum mobility, your best option is likely a 3-wheeler with a swiveling front wheel with a solid braking system.

Easily portable storage is the name of the game, and the 4 wheelers may be heavier, but tend to provide more storage without adding on too much frame weight.

Whether you’re one of a number of golfers that prefers a 3-wheeler, or go for the sturdier, more rugged 4-wheeler option, you’ll still more than likely be among kindred spirits on the course.

golf push cart reviews

How much weight do the luxuries add?

Golf push carts come with luxuries. Some are a lot more desirable than others, but the vast majority are likely going to add weight to the total of the push cart.

Some will add more weight than others, and some golfers who’ve gotten used to them will never want to give them up, but it’s all about deciding what push cart has the upgrades that you want the most.

If you can find a large amount of them on a cart with all the bells and whistles you want, then it’s a winner. The nice luxuries to look at for are things like valuables storage, umbrella holders, tee holders, phone holders, scorecard holders, mesh net etc.

The in-built luxuries may come at a bit of a price, but when you consider just how long one of these push carts, especially when the golf bag, wheels and frame are well maintained, can last you it’s going to sound like a better and better investment for your game.

If you’re not worried about keeping a tight hand on your money and phone, you can focus on nothing but the hole without a care in the world.

Does the frame of the push cart matter?

There are 3 types of frames used on these push carts, one of which is the lightest and most expensive, carbon fiber. The next lightest, and most underrated is the aluminum frame.

It’s significantly cheaper than the carbon fiber, not much dearer than the stainless steel, and definitely strong enough to keep you going.

That reduced weight of an aluminum frame is definitely beneficial if you’re not just playing the front 9. The carbon frame is capable of carrying a much bigger golf bag compared to the frame, but there’s nothing definitive to decide the golf push cart for you has a carbon frame, nor aluminum, nor stainless steel.

The best golf push cart is what you decide it is. It’s the right call for you. The golf push cart for somebody else, could be a nightmare for you. Trust your gut and you should be fine.

What if I buy a push cart and don’t like it?

If you buy a push cart and you try to play with it, but you don’t get far before you decide you can’t play with it and you hate it, most vendors on, as well as themselves tend to have a very generous returns policy.

You may lose out on some postage here and there, but it’s worth it when you compare the savings to a sporting goods store with less selection and not as liberal a returns policy.

What is the lightest push cart for golfing?

The Bag boy compact 3 push cart is the lightest cart in our top 10. Weighing in at only 13.7lbs its lightweight frame makes it easy to pick up and carry even for mature adults.

It has an extra double wide frame and a full featured scorecard holder that includes golf ball storage, and a GPS /Cellphone holder.

bag boy compact 3 push cart

The bag Boy Compact 3 golf push cart has definitely earned its place as one of the very best golf push carts on A lightweight golf cart can make the difference between not breaking a sweat for an entire 18 holes and having to take extra breaks to accommodate for the extra weight.

You’ll need to take into account what sort of weight your contents are adding to the cart to find how much you or your bag boy will be transporting.

As a general rule, the more equipment and weight you’ll need to add, the lighter the push cart you should be aiming for. It’s worth taking into account the weight of the frame as well as the bag, along with any clubs and accessories.

The Market Favorite: Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

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It’s a great seller for a reason. The Model 4.0 is something truly special, with an infinitely adjustable silicone strap on a lovely 3-wheeler. It’s very smooth on a flat surface and handles rough terrain ruggedly well.

As far as bag-size is concerned, there’s a very big appeal here. With stand bags that are a little too big for other push carts and too big to carry for 18 holes, there’s an opportunity here to get one of the best carts available.

It’s a newer release than some of the others on the list, therefore uses modern technology and it’s obvious when you compare its quality and innovation to the others.


So, To Finish Up

Golf carts, whether they be three wheeled push, two wheeled pull or electric, serve a necessary purpose for any golfer looking to get some exercise without having the strain of carrying clubs and accessories with them through the golf course.

A push cart offers a manual alternative to walking golf courses while keeping your bag and accessories accessible. If you want to try and save on a bag boy and manage your own equipment, then this could end up being.

It’s important to keep in mind that although this selection of golf push carts is a round-up of some of the best on the market, what’s best for your friends or colleagues may not be the right one for you. Much like golf clubs, each one is different and could be a blessing or a nightmare, depending on how it works with/for you.