Best Sunglasses For Golf

best sunglasses for golf

There’s nothing better than a round of golf on a beautiful sunny day – but you do need your sunglasses for golfers! The problem is, with standard sunglasses, you’ll find you have to remove them to get the best view for your shot. This defies the object of wearing them in the first place.

This is why you can now buy sunglasses designed for golf, with lenses that are specially made for the needs of a golfer, and some that take lens technology to another level with special prism lenses that enable you to track the ball.

The question is: which pair is right for you? There are many to choose from, with top brands getting in on the act too, so we’ve had a look at some of the best. Let’s get down to business.

Our Top 10 Best Golf Sunglasses

Enjoy our list of the top golf sunglasses on the market at the moment. Don’t lose sight of that golf ball again!

1. Oakley Mens Targetline Square Sunglasses – The Best Sunglasses for Golf

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Back to the rectangular style of sunglasses with this pair, which comes from one of the leading brands in the market, Oakley. Now, before we go on to tell you about the Oakley Targetline sunglasses, leading brand usually means higher prices, and that’s certainly the case here. If we say that you need to pay roughly $100 more than you would for any of the above for these, that should give you an idea, but bear in mind this is a quality product of the very highest order.

So, what do you get for your money? Well, a truly stylish and very impressive pair of golf sunglasses! The design is more for practicality than looks – although that’s not to say they don’t look good, they do – and you’ll find the flexible polycarbonate frame provides fine fit and comfort, as well as being durable and very light.

Now, one thing that is very special with these Oakley prizm golf sunglasses is that you can change the lenses to suit the light. The sunglasses are designed so that this can be done easily – and you can buy separate sets of lenses – so you can get the best out of the changing light during your round. The lenses are plastic, give 100% UV rays protection, but are not polarized – although you can find similar models in the range with polarized lenses at a little more cost. The lenses are iridium coated, however, for reduced glare.

You get a nice case with these, plus a carry pouch and a cloth, and they are designed for very snug fit for sports use. Are they worth the – quite considerable – extra money over the above? That’s a personal choice as, apart from the changeable lenses, there are others on this list that do the same for less money.

Key Features
  • Oakley Brand
  • Iridium lenses
  • Non-polarized
  • Changeable lens
  • Very light
  • Top quality

2. ROCKNIGHT Polarized Sunglasses

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A relative newcomer to the market, ROCKNIGHT has hit the ground running with this design, a very attractive pair of sunglasses with a wide choice of colors available. The first thing that strikes us about these is that they are extremely light – just 20gm, which is quite amazing – and they are designed to be adjustable to fit different face shapes. We can’t bring you the dimensions as they are not given.

These lenses – like those of the pair reviewed above – offer UV400 protection. This is the rating you should look out for as it guarantees 100% protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The frames are made from the desirable aluminum/magnesium combination for lightness and durability, and are flexible when worn.

The soft nose pads add comfort as do the adjustable arms, and the range of colors you can choose from is impressive. These are designed not just to be sports glasses, but for driving, and for style too. Lenses can be mirrored or not, and are presented in blue, black, green, red, silver and even a night-vision color. The frames you can have in black, coffee, red, grey or silver, so there’s plenty to keep you happy there!

The glasses come with a nice accessory pack, too, which includes a set of replacement nose pads, a screwdriver for adjustments, a polarization test card, a screen cleaner, and a very attractive case. If you’re looking for stylish golf sunglasses, while these are more costly than the above they are still a sensible price, and a very nice pair for the summer.

Key Features
  • UV400 protection
  • Mirror or non-mirror lenses
  • Variety of frame and lens colors
  • Very light
  • Adjustable
  • Good accessory package

3. Hulislem S1 Sport

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While the above two examples have been the traditional style of sunglasses, this design – from Hulislem – differs in being a ‘wrap-around’ design, that which has been carried over from ski eyewear. It is, nevertheless, a very nice and fashionable look, with a lightweight polycarbonate frame that is durable and designed to be stress resistant, so will keep their shape whatever you do with them.

The lenses offer UV400 protection and also use the AcuTInt coloring system, which is designed to offer a variety of color options, but to also allow you to see colors properly and without distortion. You can choose lenses in either grey, blue or a quite stunning white, and with grey or blue lenses – the latter of which are spectacular when paired with the white frame.

In addition, the lenses – which are full HD quality for better vision – are coated with an iridium coating, which further reduces glare and offers even better visibility in sunlight, and dual-lens technology offers you greater depth of vision, which of course is great when playing golf!

Hulislem may not be a brand that rolls off the tongue, but it is one that has clearly put a lot of thought into these rather nice sunglasses. With Italian design and Swiss engineering to the fore, we believe the promises they make as to the performance of these sunglasses to be very real indeed, and customer testimony is uniformly very positive. If this design of sunglasses would be your choice, check them out a very sensible price.

Key Features
  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Wrap-around design
  • UV400 protection
  • Iridium coating
  • Dual-lens technology
  • AcuTint color technology

4. Tifosi Intense Golf Sunglasses

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This is a pair of sunglasses designed specifically for golfers, rather than for active use in general. Very stylish – this is another of the wrap-around type of glasses – and with polycarbonate lenses and ‘Grilamid TR90’ frames, this is a quality pair of sunglasses that will look the part on the golf course as well as giving you the protection you need from the sun.

Offering 100% UVA and UVB protection from UV400 rating lenses, this lightweight pair of sunglasses can be had in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste. With black, grey, gunmetal or silver frames, you can pair black, red, green or blue lenses, and there’s a clear option just in case you want to wear matching glasses when not needing protection from the sun.

These come with shatterproof lenses that are designed to minimise distortion, and they are also coated with a special coating that is designed to repel water and sweat – a nice touch for golf sunglasses. Non-slip rubber ear and nose pads are very comfortable and provide excellent fit for your round of golf, and they are designed to be worn under a golf cap with no interference.

We should explain that Grilamid is a special polyamide material designed for strength, durability and light weight, and is a perfect choice with these high-quality golf sunglasses. With the glasses you get a soft pouch and a cleaning pad, and a lifetime warranty, but you should be aware that these are among the more expensive on the list – twice as much as any of those above – although we reckon they are among the best on the list in terms of usability and performance.

While on the subject of Tifosi golfers sunglasses, we can’t move on without mentioning the Tifosi Veloce sunglasses, definitely one to look at and a slightly newer model.

Key Features
  • Stylish design
  • Top quality materials
  • Water-repellent lenses
  • UV400 protection
  • Various colors
  • Durable and very light

5. Under Armour Zone 2.0

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The Under Armour brand is a well-known one in sporting circles, and has a reputation for quality products that are well-made and of a high quality. These sunglasses, the Zone 2.0 design, are another of the wrap-around style that is popular with golf and sporting sunglasses, and offer comfortable fit and light weight, plus adjustable nose-pads and arms that are designed for grip.

The plastic and titanium frames are designed to be durable and shock-proof – as well as helping with the weight-saving – while the lenses are specially designed polycarbonate lenses, which provide 20% better sightline from side to side than most other designs. This is a major bonus for golfers, as is the distortion free lens design that means you can see everything as clearly as you would with perfect sight.

These sunglasses offer 100% UV rays protection from UVA and UVB, and you can choose from a wide variety of specially designed lenses covering different uses. The manufacturer has put together a series of colors that range from bright light protection to dim light use – a very clever touch – and also offers a choice of mirror coatings for intense sunlight use. Note that not all of the lenses are polarized, so it’s worth checking.

You get a lightweight golf bag when you buy these, but we don’t see a cleaning cloth, and we will say they really do look the part. We will also add that, like the above, they are not cheap, but this is quality technology and design that does the job, so well worth looking at.

Key Features
  • Quality brand
  • Full UV protection
  • Greater sightline vision
  • Choice of lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate and titanium frames
  • Mirror coatings available

6. SUNGAIT Ultra-Lightweight Rectangular

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These sunglasses come from a known brand, SUNGAIT, and are designed with one of the golfer’s main requirements in mind: light weight. Indeed, at just 31gm these are very light thanks to aluminum and magnesium frames. This combination also makes the frame very durable so you’ll get a long life from them.

The lenses are polarized, which is definitely what you want, and they can be had in a wide range of frame and lens color combinations. The frame we like is the gunmetal option – very stylish and in fashion these days – and you can also choose from black or gold frames – and the choice of lenses includes grey, brown, green, blue and even a silver mirror effect.

The lenses provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, and are impact and scratch resistance, and the color they provide is superb – unlike some sunglasses that will leave you with dull colors.

Soft, adjustable nose pads and flexible arms make these easy to wear, and with the sunglasses you get a screwdriver, a cleaning cloth and a soft pouch, and all for a very decent price. In our opinion, definitely one for the shortlist.

Key Features
  • Polarized lenses
  • Full UV Protection
  • Flexible arms
  • Soft nose pads
  • Rectangular style
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of frame and lens colors

7. Cool Change TR90 Sports Sunglasses

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We are back down to earth price-wise with these very affordable sport sunglasses from Cool Change. This is another pair that uses the Grilamid TR90 material for ultra-light weight and durability, and it’s one that is designed for practicality rather than for looks. Once again, that’s not to say they don’t look good for this is a neat and simple wrap around design that many golfers prefer.

The lenses are 100% UV protective and feature several layers of coatings; they are scratch-resistant, polarized and also feature an anti-shock layer for sporting use. The frames are tight-fitting with rubber nose pads and a 3-point support design for increased comfort, and the overall fit meets very favourably with customer testimonies.

Lenses are HD quality for greater clarity of vision and color correctness, and are available in black red or blue, but there is only one frame color which is a matt black. These are very nice sunglasses at a bargain price in the company.

You also get a cleaning cloth and polarization test card, but no hard case, but at the price we are of the belief this pair of sunglasses is certainly worthy of inclusion on any golfer’s short list.

Key Features
  • TR90 material
  • Lightweight
  • 3-way comfort design
  • 100% UV protection
  • Polarized and scratch-resistant
  • 3 lens colors

8. Callaway Sungear Raptor

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If there is one name that is synonymous with top-quality golf gear, it’s Callaway. These sunglasses – the Sungear Raptor model- may be familiar to many as they are of the quality used by professionals, and in every way they are very good indeed. They do come with a Callaway price, however, but if you want true golf sunglasses, designed and made by people who know about golf, then this is a brand you need to consider.

Let’s start with the lens: you get one choice which is a grey lens and a green mirror coating. This is what Callaway deems to be the perfect combination, and they claim this design lets in twice as much light as most other combinations, giving you the perfect depth of perception and greater accuracy therefore for chipping and putting. It also looks pretty cool with these wide lenses, which are designed for greater coverage.

The lenses also provide the required 100% UV protection and the polyamide frame is intended for lightweight, close fitting and durability. The adjustable nose pads add to the comfort for your nose bridge, and bear in mind these are designed for medium to large head sizes (there are models for smaller available, or XL sunglasses).

The frame is available in two colors – matt black or a stunning bright white – and the glasses come with a hard case that features a clip for attaching to your golf bag, a soft pouch and also a cleaning cloth. Callaway has many fans so if you’re one, these are for you, although we would advise you check out others on the list.

Key Features
  • Callaway brand
  • Lightweight
  • Fully coated lenses
  • Adjustable nose supports
  • Close fitting design
  • Also available in white

9. Nike Golf Show X2

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A list of golf sunglasses simply would not be complete without at least one pair from Nike, one of the most famous sporting brands in the world, so here’s one for you! It’s the Nike Golf X2, and this is a rather neatly designed pair of sunglasses in the ‘wrap around’ style that is favoured by many these days as it provides very neat protection for peripheral vision.

Made from polyamide frames for durability and light weight, and with cleverly engineered hinges that click into place rather satisfactorily, these Nike sunglasses are very stylish too, so you won’t look out of place wearing them in the club house. The lenses are grey and it should be noted are interchangeable. This is a clever feature shared by the Oakley model featured earlier on, but these come at a far lower price.

The rubber lining around the temples is fully adjustable for comfort, as are the nose pieces, while the close-fit design means you have no problem wearing these for a lengthy game. Also, the nose pads are ventilated to reduce fogging – a quality design touch that we would expect from a brand of this stature.

There is no hard case supplied with these Nike golf sunglasses, but you do get a pouch to put them in for safety, and the durable and strong materials used in their manufacture give them an extended life. Well worth a look for a name brand at a great price, but with no color options available.

Update: Don’t miss the Nike Golf X2 Pro Sunglasses for golfing, as always, another solid release from the sportswear giants.

Key Features
  • Nike brand
  • Polyamide frame
  • Changeable lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Adjustable comfort fit
  • Light weight

10. Torege TR011 Sunglasses

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Our final entry is this back-to-basics – in price at least – design from the Torege brand, and it’s a typical wrap-around design that offers light weight, using TR90 material for the frame, and a stylish look. The frame is designed to be durable and comfortable to wear, and comes with a lifetime breakage warranty so confident are the makers of its effectiveness, and the adjustable nose pads help with comfort.

Fully polarized lenses and coated with 7 layers for polarization, shatter-resistance, scratch resistance and UV protection – 100% from UV 400 rating – and are finished in a range of colors for you to choose from: blue, grey, red and green.

The frames can be had in matt black or white, the latter of which looks great with colored lenses, especially the red ones! Color is enhanced by the special coating, so you will get very clear and defined vision.

When you buy these – for a surprisingly low price – you get the glasses complete with a soft pouch and a cleaning cloth. This is a no-nonsense pair of sunglasses that is popular with buyers, and with change from $20 you really can’t go wrong.

Key Features
  • Black or white frame
  • 100% UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort fit
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Scratch resistance
  • Choice of lens colors

That’s our selection of 10 of the best golf sunglasses for you, but which do we recommend? Before we get onto that, let’s have a look back at what you should be looking for when buying a pair.

Buyers Guide: What to Look For

Buying golf sunglasses is about getting the right pair to help your game, just ask David Duval! There’s also a bit about looking good, too, but in the main it’s about wearing a pair of sunglasses that allows you to play without interference to your vision and perception. Here’s what you need to consider:

The Lens

Lenses are, of course, among the primary considerations when buying golf sunglasses (or any sunglasses, for that matter) but there are many factors regarding the lens that you need to look at in detail. Let’s run through them:

  • Replacement Lenses: the very best golf sunglasses will come with lenses that can easily be interchanged, and will be supplied with a few different options. This is because different colors, tints and coatings help in different situations and light, which brings us to…
  • Color:
    • Green and grey – these are colors for bright sunny days, yet they are also very neutral. They will cut out the brightness, allow for great distance viewing, but won’t enhance contrast. Green will enhance color balance, however, so these are often worn on cloudy days.
    • Yellow – the color for depth perception, which it will enhance, but not often used as this is its only purpose – other than looking good!
    • Red – will distort colors but will also enhance red and yellow; great on the green, which is where many golfers choose to use them.
    • Amber to brown – by far the best color for golf are those that lie in the amber through to brown shades, as they help you track the ball in blue sky and on green. The most popular shades are in this area.
  • Material and Coating: Polycarbonate is the way to go, as it is a form of plastic that is durable, light and open to coating with iridium, which will reduce glare, and other coatings that make them scratch and shock-proof, and provide 100% UV protection.

Polarized or Not?

While on the subject of lenses it is worth talking about polarization. This is a process often found in sunglasses, but many golf sunglasses are not polarized. The purpose of polarization is to reduce the natural glare you get from bright lighting conditions and difficult weather conditions. There are other ways to achieve this – an iridium coating will do the same, for example – and it really is up to you. It’s best to try some before you buy.

polarized golf sunglasses

The Frame

There are a number of aspects of frames that need to be considered: the material they are made from, which influences the weight, is one, and the style of the sports sunglasses will also have an influence on you. Here are our thoughts:

  • Style: do you want traditional-look rectangular frames, or are you a fan of the wrap-around designs that are very popular these days? The latter can add extra peripheral vision advantages, and do look good, so have a good look at each before you buy.
  • Material: those on our list vary between types of plastic or polyamide, and metal mix frames. The latter tend to be less versatile – if often better looking – but are still a selling point for some, while the polyamide frames can be very light indeed, which is a major bonus.
  • Weight: see above; you want to wear glasses that you barely know are there, and most of these fit that bill.
  • Color: a fashion choice, and nothing more, but there are some excellent colors around that will make you stand out if that’s what you want! For shrinking wallflowers, black or grey are the most popular.

You also want to consider the fit – these glasses should be a tight yet comfortable fit that will not slip when you are walking around – and also the adjustability for comfort, especially around the nose pads.

The Price

It has to be mentioned, especially because the cost of those on our list of 10 varies from under $20 to more than $120. What you get for your money is what you should consider: with ‘name’ brands – Callaway, Oakley, Nike for example – you are paying for the name, but you’re also paying for the guaranteed quality of the product, and the lifetime warranty that you will find comes with it. Check what you get with the package – does it come with a hard case, a cleaning cloth, multiple lenses – and see which is value for money in your view.

So, now we know what to look for when buying a pair of sunglasses for gold, which of the above is for you?

Our Conclusion

It’s not for us to pick the sunglasses that you will prefer as there is so much in the way of personal choice here, so what we’ve done is chosen three that we think stand out in one of a trio of ‘classes’: Premium, Mid-Range, and Budget, so here goes!

Premium Pick – Callaway Sungear Raptor

Probably the best golf sunglasses out there, you’ll pay the price but you get everything you need and won’t ever have to upgrade – you’re already on the top rung of the ladder with these. Checkout the specification and remember that this is a brand par-excellence. Truly top quality golfing sunglasses, but at a price.

The Popular Pick – Nike Golf Show X2

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these sunglasses at all – they are specifically designed for golf – and we are surprised that such a well-known brand pitches in at a surprisingly affordable price. Perhaps a few will be put off by the fact they come in only one color, grey with white flashes, but they are stylish, neat and great quality sunglasses.

Budget Pick – Under Armour Zone 2.0

If you shop around you can find this pair of very impressive golf sunglasses for around $30 – list price is much higher – so get out there now and buy them while they’re at what is a simply amazing price for quality golfing sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best sunglasses for playing golf?

The award goes to the Oakley Targetline golf sunglasses, they’ve been so well received throughout the community, they’re durable and tailored for golfers by one of the best eyewear company’s around, fairly expensive but well worth every penny.

Are polarized lenses good for golf?

Yes, polarized lenses are great for golf, theyre designed to remove any potential glare as the sun reflects off the fairway or other surfaces. The only drawback is when it comes to green reading, it’s recommended you take them off before you putt, polarized lenses have the potential to interfere with your perception of depth. The general rule of thumb would be to remove them around the greens.

Should you wear sunglasses when playing golf?

It’s down to personal preference, the majority of pro’s don’t wear them simply because they’re used to playing without them and it could have detrimental affect on their game. However, for amateurs, since you’re playing for fun, not huge prize funds, if the sun is causing you an issue then it would definitely be worthwhile grabbing a pair of golf sunglasses and judging for yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Sunglasses for golf are about getting the right level of protection without interfering with vision. The 10 designs we have listed are, of course, just a few of the best-selling models on the market, but they do represent those we reckon give you a good idea of what is available and help you on the golf course.

Have another look and check out the specifications, and get your golf game back on track with a great pair of quality sunglasses for golf.