How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight and Far


Everyone wants to learn how to drive a golf ball straight down the fairway, that much is obvious! What isn’t obvious is the way in which to do it, that’s why you’re here 🙂 So in the following article I’m going to teach you how to setup properly for a drive, how to eliminate the hook or slice you’re seeing in your drives, and ultimately how to smash the ball down the middle of your intended target. Driving a golf ball consistently straight is not something the top pros do every time.

Proper Setup

The setup is the foundation to any straight drive. Mess this part up and you’re asking for trouble. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the best driver in the world, if you don’t setup correctly you’re not going to be driving a golf ball straight anytime soon.

There are several setup steps to follow in the golf driver setup, you’ll need to learn these if you are to have any chance in learning how to drive it straight.

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Get Rid of the Slice

Of all the troubles beginner golfers tend to have, the slice has to be the most troublesome and hardest to fix. To be able to drive straight, you need to know how to prevent/fix the golf slice.

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Additional Tips

As we already know, the drive is the hardest of all shots to hit. The driver is the longest club with the least loft, making it much tougher to hit well. In addition to the proper driver setup I touched on earlier, the proper alignment is the most important of all setup fundamentals. Visualizing a line from the ball to the target is a massive help.

Visualizing a Target Line

Steps to Follow:

  • Step 1 – Stand behind the golf ball on the tee and pick a target spot to aim for that’s down the center of the fairway.
  • Step 2 – Draw an imaginary line in your minds eye down the middle of target line from your golf ball.
  • Step 3 – Find something along that target line that’s maybe 5 to 10 yards away to help with your aim. Maybe that’s a leaf, a divot, a coin, or anything you could use yourself.
  • Step 4 – Aim for the object 5 to 10 yards away and attempt to to drive the golf ball straight along the target line!

Shorten your Driver

Now when I say shorten your drive, I don’t mean get a hold of your hands and tear into it. All you have to do to get the feeling of shortening your driver is top move your hands slightly down the grip shaft. This gives the feeling of the driver being shorter, which then helps you control the drive.

Shorten your Swing

If you limit your back swing by going just 3 quarters of the way back, you’ll also be able to control the driver better, but this will obviously take some distance off your drives. Hey, if you’re hitting the golf ball straight down the fairway instead of the rough, it’s all good right!?

Don’t Let Hazards Ruin your Straight Drives

When learning how to drive a golf straight many beginners make the mistake of adjusting their body position to hit away from the hazards. Don’t! If you do you’ll end up slicing your drive further. Line up directly down the middle of the fairway and trust your swing!

Be patient. Follow the advice and you’ll soon learn how to drive a golf ball consistently and how to drive a golf ball straight.

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