Correcting your Backswing

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Our swing theory is very easy to understand and to accomplish, yet it is still very successful. The accompanying article is dedicated to teaching why golfers are more successful with a horizontal swing plane, which we actually teach.

top-of-backswingHaving A Backswing That Promotes Consistency

The first action in our backswing is to promote a turn in your spine. This simple movement will develop the power you want and the consistency you need. The swing method teaches a very easy takeaway technique, which is different to the basic swing that adopts a one piece takeaway.

The one piece takeaway teaches you to move the club back to the ground and slow. This will automatically cause you to shift your weight back and away from the target, resulting in a heap of problems for you as a golfer. When you shift your weight to the back foot on the backswing it is then very hard to know when the right time is to shift the weight back onto the front foot when the club is in the impact zone.

So, with this in mind we have put together a swing that will eliminate ninety percent of the weight shift involved in the backswing. We also focus on shifting the weight forward through the impact zone, which will help give you both increased power and consistency.

Shifting the weight in a conventional swing is only one of the problems, and it is what makes this type of swing so difficult to master, let alone get the same every single time. Our swing practically eliminates the weight shifting backwards and away from the target, instead it focuses on the getting the hands through the ball at impact, allowing you to finish your swing correctly.

This swing is easier to learn than the conventional swing and it works a hell of a lot better too. As it shuts out any unnecessary actions in both your backswing and your downswing, while promoting consistency and power. This swing is more about consistency than power. Power is just a nice little bonus that comes with it. It will instil confidence in your swings and help you hit the ball square on with the correct stroke more consistently.

Problems with consistency generally arise because of one of the following problems in your swing:

– The angle of your spine: Back should be straight at setup.
– The position of your follow through: You should hold your follow through for at least two seconds.
– Hands position through impact: Rotating your hands through impact will increase power and consistency.
– Keeping your head down: Just do it, many golfers forget this very important action.