Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

2022 Update – Nike Mojo Balls Discontinued

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Finding the right golf balls is a challenge for every golfer. On the one hand, you want the best possible results. The most expensive balls promise to help you hit longer and straighter than ever before.

On the other hand, no one wants to spend a fortune on golf balls. Therefore, for a lot of us it is a question of finding that perfect middle ground where we get value for money as well as a decent level of quality.

One of the ideas you might see is that of using Nike Mojo golf balls. Could these popular balls be exactly what you need from now on?

The Basics

These are composite, 2 piece balls that combine a powerful polymeric core with a soft ionomer cover. They typically combine in a pack of 24, with 8 sleeves each having 3 balls in them. This compares to the standard 12 pack that most other brands issue.

They are versatile, all-rounders that can be used by golfers of any level and in any sort of situation. The compression is a reasonably low 77, meaning that they are quite soft.

The use of 312 dimples gives the ball a fast, accurate flight that is easy to control (find out why golf balls have dimples). They only come in white, but they do have a fairly distinctive logo that makes them easy to spot. A lot of people like the sleek, modern design too.

One thing to be aware of is that it seems that no more Nike Mojo balls will be made. So when the stockists run out, you are going to find it pretty much impossible to get hold of any more of them.

nike mojo golf ball review

What Are the Benefits?

The most stand-out fact about Nike Mojo golf balls is that they are known to be extremely long. Players often find that they can get some valuable extra distance in their long game by switching to the balls.

You can also gain more control in your short game. This because they give you a great feel around the green and are pretty easy to get some spin on too.

Who Are They Suitable For?

The low price of these golf balls makes them a smart choice for beginners and casual players who often lose a lot of balls on each round. Losing a ball doesn’t hurt so much when it was cheap to buy in the first place.

They can also help inexperienced players to improve their game in terms of added distance and better control around the green. Experienced golfers or professionals will probably want higher level balls, but they might use these for practising with.

They are said to be best for those who swing high, although low swingers can also use this ball with confidence. The low compression core gives a soft feel that makes them suitable golfers with a slower swing, such as more mature players.

What Do Other Golfers Say?

A look online suggests that a lot of golfers are happy with these Nike golf balls. They tend to find that the ball goes straight and true, with a good level of control.

Many of the golfers who have written about them suggest that it is easy to stop this ball on the green too. If you have been looking for a new ball to take your game to the next level then this might be worth taking a look at.


The Nike Mojo is a great all-round golf ball. It comes in at a very reasonable price and does a good job for most types of golfer.

With stocks limited and no more supplies expected, it makes sense to look for some just now if you like the sound of them.