Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter Review

Odyssey White Ice 1 Review Feature Image
I just recently got my hands on the Odyssey White Ice 1 putter and I wanted to review it right away and share my thoughts with you guys. So read on for my Odyssey White Ice putter review…


The Odyssey White Ice range includes 8 putter designs in total, and all of them are pretty slick looking, but none more so than the #1 white ice putter.


It’s modeled after the traditional anser with some slight modifications. The neck hosel sits back a little towards the heel, and the top line is a bit thicker. The insert is white as per Odyssey’s hallmark however, the rest of the putter has a nickel finish which removes glare. The white ice 1 comes with the traditional Winn Odyssey grip common among all Odyssey putters, and the head cover is of a higher quality than all previous Odyssey models.


The white ice 1 putter is a little heavier than other models. I found it had great balance, the grip is good and helps promote less feel and a more consistent stroke. I can imagine the grip could get a little slippery on a hot day however.

Putter Performance

The heavier feel of the putter really adds to my confidence on the greens. I don’t have to hit the ball as hard for it to make the hole, so I can concentrate on a much smoother putting stroke. The insert lets you know immediately whether you’ve hit the sweet spot however, if you miss the sweet spot slightly the insert is pretty firm so you can expect the ball to roll fairly quickly with good accuracy.

Final Word

Odyssey have maintained their excellent reputation with the White Hot #1. It really is an excellent putter, and at an RRP of around $129 it’s a very high quality putter available for half the cost. If you’re on the lookout for a new putter then the Odyssey White Hot 1 putter is one that I would suggest! Take a read of the user reviews.