Medicus Power Meter Review

medicus-power-meterClubhead speed has a direct impact on how far your golf ball travels. Anyone that wants to increase his/her driving distance has to adapt their swing if they have any chance of increasing their clubhead speed. This is were the Medicus Power Meter comes in.

The Medicus Power Meter is designed to help you monitor your progress in increasing that swing speed and increase your hitting distance. Unlike many other swing speed tools, the Power Meter attaches tightly to any club in your bag, you don’t need any other tools for it to work.

The results can’t be interfered with, as you don’t need to make sure nothing stand in the way of it that will impede an accurate measurement, as you would any other speed monitoring device. The ease of use is something that Medicus have instilled in all their products and the power meter is another shining example.

Why are people using the Medicus Power Meter?

As we’ve discussed, speed equals distance, and what the Power Meter does better than any other speed monitoring tool on the market is provide an easy to use solution that gives immediate feedback as to how fast your swing is. No other piece of equipment is as easy to use, you just clip on and swing, that’s it. Immediate feedback for you to use to make changes to your swing and increase your clubhead speed.


If you want to increase your distance on your shots then the Medicus Power Meter is a good tool to use to give you that much needed feedback. When you look at the price of the more advanced speed monitoring tools some golf schools use, the Medicus Power Meter is but a drop in the ocean. Read more reviews about it on