How to Release the Golf Club Correctly

Everyone wants to improve their golf swing, but not everyone knows where to start. If you’re one of those looking for answers then the golf swing release is something you have to look at. It’s one of the most misunderstood yet most important movements in the golf swing.

A correct swing release can not only increase your accuracy, it can also increase the power you’re able to generate through impact.

How to Achieve a Correct Release

The hands and wrists are the greatest speed/momentum producers in the golf swing. When you time the sequence of movements correctly you create a much greater clubhead speed upon impact.

Two feelings are felt during the downswing, they’re arm rotation and an un-hinging of the wrists. The later you leave the un-hinging of the wrists, the more power and momentum you’re able to generate. If you’re gripping the club too tightly here you’re likely to inhibit this movement, so loosen up a bit, grip the club about 30-40% of your strongest grip. This should free up your arms and prevent any closed or too open clubfaces.

It is best to let the momentum of the club, hands, and arms release on their own rather than trying to pull the club through impact. To better understand how to release through the arms and hands I’ve added a quick golf swing release video below:

Make sure you’re allowing the club, hands, and arms free flow throughout the downswing, the momentum created will help release correctly.

Also, if you really want to add extra distance, try and leave the un-hinging of the wrists to the very last second, as this creates more lag in the club and more momentum leading up to impact.

Concentrate on the correct release first. If you’re still having issues with your release then try a few of the tips below.

A Helpful Drill

Perform a swing in slow motion. Concentrating on rotating the right arm (left for lefties) counter-clockwise (turning over the left arm through impact) and un-hinging the wrists before impact. Stop at impact to check whether your club face is square, if it isn’t you have either over-rotated your right arm or under-rotated it.

After trying this slow golf swing release a few times increase the speed gradually until you’re comfortable with the feeling of un-hinging the wrists, and rotating the arms.


To further enhance your chances of perfecting golf swing release, the Golf Impact bag is a pretty good piece of equipment to help simplify the rotation of the arms. Many teaching pro’s use it to help students understand the correct position you should be in upon impact, including helping you delay the unhinging of the wrists as late as possible to generate more power.

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