An Awesome Tip to Improve Your Golf Swing Transition

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A Quick Drill

In this quick drill I’m about to show you, you will learn how to successfully perform a downswing using the left knee. Using the knee to force the rest of your body through the downswing is key to getting both the correct line and greater power on your shots.

To get the accuracy, and to get the strength behind your golf swing, it’s essential that you transfer your weight onto your left side (right side for lefties) during your transition (the moment in which you change from a backswing to the downswing).

The shifting of the left knee in the downswing moves the arc of the swing plane forward and allows you to hit down into the ball, which therefore creates more distance in both your drives and your iron shots. You can perfect this weight transference if you start your downswing well.

How you Will Start the Downswing

The transition from the golf backswing into the downswing is THE most important phase of the golf swing. Get this wrong and chances are you will ruin the rest of your swing. This transitional phase of the golf swing is that important; many videos, articles, and lessons have been created to tackle the movement. You may have heard about some of the techniques, these include starting the downswing with the arms or the hips as many PGA professionals swear by. However, starting with the left knee is one of the more popular techniques in the golf swing transition. Below is a  drill that will help you start your swing correctly.

How the Pro’s Do Things

For the majority of golfers you will see a momentary pause at the moment between the backswing and downswing as the golf swing changes direction. From this pause, some people suggest that concentrating on pushing through the left knee is perhaps the best solution. If you watch the swing of a professional golfer on video, you will see how his/hers left knee comes away from the right knee as their weight begins to shift forward. To get a better feel for this key movement in the transition of the golf swing, follow this well known drill.

A Tip to Help with your Swing Transition

To better understand how you move your left knee during this phase, get into your usual golf stance (golf club in hand), grab yourself a football (soccer) and place it between both your knees. Now try a few practice swings and concentrate on holding the ball with your knees throughout the backswing. Then at the start of the downswing drive your left knee towards the target followed then by the rest of your body. This will create the gap between your knees and the football should fall to the ground.

This movement (otherwise known as the golf swing lag) will allow the lower part of your body to start the dowswing, which in turn creates more power and sets the club on the correct swing plane.

It may feel strange at first but keep practicing this transition drill until you’ve mastered it. Once you feel comfortable then start to hit a few balls without the aid of the football. Start off with one of your shorter irons, preferably a 7. Once you get the confidence with this you can move on to whatever club you like.

Perfecting this part of the swing truly will get you hitting further and far more consistently.

Don’t Stop!

Ok, so you’ve a got a good swing transition. Keep removing the “suck” from your golf swing: