A Drill to help Master the Golf Swing Shoulder Turn

golf_swing_shoulder_turnEverybody wants a perfect golf swing, but the fact is nobody does, not even Tiger Woods back when he could hit a golf ball 🙂 All you can do is try your damndest to get the best golf swing you can. In this free article I’m going to teach you a little drill that I use that will help you develop both consistency and power in your swing, helping you attain an ALMOST perfect golf swing.

In the following drill I’ll teach you how to get in an ideal position for your backswing, by mastering the shoulder turn. All you need to do this is a wall, doesn’t matter if it’s outside or in, just as long as you have enough room to be able to turn freely. You don’t need a club or anything else for this, just yourself.

Without further ado, here’s the steps you should follow so that you can get a great understanding how to perform a perfect turn in your shoulders through golf swing.

Step 1

Begin by placing your right hand on your right hip (lef hand on left hip for lefties). Be sure to stand close enough to the wall so that your elbow is touching it. If you can easily extend your elbow and touch the wall then you’re ready to move on to to step 2.

Step 2

Standing side on to the wall, take your normal golf stance (ready to hit the golf ball) but don’t pretend to grip, just put your palms together.

Step 3

Now turn to your right (or left for lefties) as if you’re going into the backswing and place your palms both level on the wall and about the same height as your shoulders. You should now be able to feel that your chest is pointing towards the wall.

There are two benefits from having your chest turn with your golf swing. One, your body is able to wind up and generate power more easily in your golf swing rotation, and 2, you can create a better weight transference creating more consistency in your downswing. Make sure when doing this you use the body above the waist to rotate, as you will get a better idea of how the shoulder turn should feel.

Don’t worry too much about bending your arms in this drill, the most important thing here is to get the feel of how the shoulder and chest should turn together during the golf backswing.

Step 4

The next step is to work on the swing plane on the downswing. Without moving your right hand (or left for lefties) grip an imaginary golf club. I recommend not moving your right hand because if you were to move that down to make the grip your right elbow (left for lefties) would be too close to the body and knock your swing plane of course completely. Get the feel for this step in the golf swing shoulder turn and you are well on your way to hitting more consistently.

Step 5

Practice, practice, practice!! It’s absolutely necessary that you practice this golf shoulder turn drill at least 15 mins a day, so you can get a good feel for how the chest and shoulder turn together. Fail to master this drill and fail to master your golf swing!

Good luck with your swing and if you need any help I’m always here.

All the best,

PS. I’ll look to add some step by step pictures to this shoulder turn drill soon.