An Effective Golf Swing Exercise

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Dumbbell Assisted Swing

The Importance of Exercising to Golf

It is important to perfect your style of golf swing. There are many styles to choose from and the golf swing perfection is the key to a great round of golf because it is the foundation of the game.

Not being able to perform a great swing will hinder your progress on the course and all through you golfing profession or hobby.

You must exercise the golf swing regularly and not neglect it. It is very important to do this as much as possible because the golf swing movements are so unnatural to the human body; it is easy to forget these movements. By practicing the swing regularly, you are not going to forget these movements.

Also, the human body will tend to resist these types of swing movements, this is why it can be so difficult to perfect.

However, if you practice a good swing exercise, you can loosen up the muscles and make them adapt to the motion, along with the rest of your body making the swing a lot easier and less difficult to perform.

We will now take a look at the necessary motions of a golf swing and find the most effective one which will improve the quality of you game.

Exercises for the Golf Swing

Because the swing is essentially a rotation of the body, it might be a good idea to do some swing exercises as a seated twist while holding a dumbbell out in front of you. This will build up your muscles and condition them to suit the rotation movements of the golf swing. Be sure to not use dumb bells which are too heavy while performing this exercise. Use a dumb bell with a maximum weight of 5 lbs.

Remember: a golf club is not as heavy as this; it weighs less than 1 lb, so using the heavier dumb bell will improve your strength.

Try to repeat this exercise as much as possible within a 30 min session, while to over exerting or straining your body. Make sure to do a little warm up before you perform this exercise and warm down afterwards.

A warm up is to prevent you from starting a game while cold. If you stretch the muscles which will be used in this exercise, it will be beneficial to your comfort for the duration of the session and prevent you from pulling a muscle.

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