3 Ways to Improve your Golf Fitness & your Game

drivetee-closeup All golfers have to develop a plan and maintain it as a ritual in order to see good results and improvement on the course. Like all the other sports, golf requires you to practice and always try to perform to the best of your potential. In order to get the best results, you must have a fitness element of strength, stretching and swing fluency included in your plan.

1. Practice

Also like any other sport, you must practice regularly. Break you practice routine into four parts:

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Irons
  • Driver

Select the area(s) where you are weakest and dedicate more of your time to those areas. Isolating your weakest areas will improve your overall game progress.

Give equal time to each section. Say, 15 minutes. For the iron shots give 15 mins from 100 yards and in.

2. Conditioning

Working on the golf muscles around the different parts of your body will improve power, consistency and accuracy. This is especially important to practice if you are an aging golfer because with age your body and muscles begin to decline, resulting in more and more problems such as: shortened drives, increased number of miss-hits and ultimately increasing your overall scores. If you do not practice loosening up your muscles, this will only get worse, your muscles cannot fix themselves.

It is imperative to stretch and strengthen your muscles related to your golf swing. The distance of your drives is to do with your physical strength. Flexibility is also very important for a larger swing arc and will allow you to get larger backswings and generate more power on the drives. 

3. Mental

The mental aspect of your practice game plan is based on proper, positive visualization of your game. If you are in a quiet and peaceful area like at your home course or even lying in bed relaxed you can visualize tomorrow’s game going perfectly. Imagine you’re playing ever hole to par and your drives sailing through the air landing right on the fairway.

Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical so don’t neglect the mental part; it could cost you a game and a whole lot of confidence!

So why wait? Put a golf plan together right away and get stuck in!

About the Author: Mike Pedersen is highly regarded as one of the best golf trainers in the world. Not only that, he’s also an author, and his book “The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide” is regarded as the best of it’s kind. He’s also behind several best selling Golf Training DVD’s, and he is the founder of numerous top quality online golf fitness sites.