What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need?

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How to size golf clubs. The question “What size golf clubs do I need” baffles many a beginner golfer, but the fact of the matter is, sizing golf clubs perfect for you isn’t difficult at all.

Having the perfect club for your game is key, as you can customize your club to factor in many elements of your game, including swing speed, hand size, skill level, and age. In this quick how to size golf clubs guide, however, I’m going to teach you a bit about the club length and how you can quickly figure out what size of club is right for you, so you can enjoy the game and play to the best of your ability.

How Important Is Club Size?

It really depends on your height.

The vast majority of golfers don’t need to worry about learning how to measure for golf clubs, because the standard off the shelf length should be fine. However, if you are smaller or taller than the status quo (approx 5ft 8″ – 6ft 1″ men or 5ft 4″ – 5ft 8″ ladies) then sizing golf clubs is recommended.

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If you’re on the shorter or taller side, then to find the right length of club is actually quite straight forward. All that you need to do is take a quick wrist-to-floor measurement. You’ll need someone to help you with this. While you stand up straight with your arms relaxed by your sides and your feet about a foot apart, have your helper measure in inches from the crease of your wrist (the part where your wrist meets your hand) to the floor.

If you’re right handed then have them measure you from your left hand, and vice versa if your left handed. If you’re a shorter player you should be measuring in the low 30’s, players of average height should be measuring somewhere in the mid 30’s, and if you’r a taller player you should be measuring anywhere from 35″ and up.

In the table below I’ve taken in to account wrist measurements and height, to determine how many inches above or below the standard club length are needed. This is just a rough guide, if you want more exact measurements then I recommend you take a look at the club SmartFit System from GolfSmith.com. Instead of learning how to size golf clubs yourself, they provide custom club fitting for golfers of all skill levels and have some amazing deals on golf clubs. So check them out!

Table Showing How Much to Adjust Club Length from the Standard Length Based on Height and Wrist-to-floor Measurements

That question “What size golf clubs do I need” should not put you off. There is always a solution.

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