What Length Putter Do I Need? DIY Putter Fitting

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of that next miracle putt improving putter, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. The key to improving your putting isn’t the latest greatest putter, it’s how your putter fits.

Tour professionals regularly have putter fitting sessions as they realise a correct fitting putter could be the difference between missing out on a championship and lifting that competition winning trophy.

So, what length putter do I need?

The good news for you is, more and more putter companies and golf stores are offering this service, particularly with online orders. Places like GolfSmith.com have increased in popularity over the last few years because people have become more knowledgeable on the benefits of custom fitted clubs.

If you order online though you miss out on the personal service that a professional club fitter can give you. That’s not such a big deal though, because you can actually work out what putter is right for you on your own (check out or recommended putters for high handicappers).

DIY Putter Fitting

To determine which shaft length you need, you need to consider 3 things. Your height, how high or low you grip the putter, and how far you stand away from the ball when you’re putting.

5 Steps to Finding your Ideal Putter Shaft Length

If you have a wooden dowel-rod hiding somewhere around your house you can use that here, if not you can get one from your local hardware store for next to nothing. Make sure it has pretty much the same diameter as your current putter grip, and is slightly longer than your putter. To prevent looking like a fool I’d perform this next step at home with a putting station, or even a cup if you don’t have one of those.

Step 1

When you have the dowel-rod take a few balls and practice your putting, doing your best to perform a proper putting stroke. It’s obviously going to be difficult without the weight of the putter head helping to stabilize your stroke, but that’s the whole point of doing this.

Step 2

Next, move your grip down the rod leaning down further in your stance, then see if the difficulty putting increases or improves. If it increases move your grip up the rod again, straightening your stance. Continue doing this until you find your optimal grip position.

Step 3

Also, to work out your best stance, spread your legs farther, then closer; move closer to the ball and farther away, keep doing this and you’ll eventually find your perfect stance and style. You’re right this is a lot of trouble, but it’s all well worth it in the end as it will perfect your putting game.

Step 4

After you’ve figured out the right stance and grip position that produces the most stable stroke, get a marker and mark the dowel about 2 inches above the heel of the top hand of your grip. This allows for the putter head height and gives you some leeway for your grip.

Step 5

Next measure  the length of the rod from bottom up to the mark you made. Round that measurement up to the closest inch and there you have your optimum shaft length!

Where to Buy Custom Fitted Golf Putters

Now you know what shaft length you need for your putter, you can go to somewhere like GolfSmith.com. Check them out now, you can also customize your putter grip and more.

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