A Guide to What to Wear on the Golf Course

Golfers sporting what to wear when golfing

What you decide to wear on the golf course really depends on the type of golf course you’re playing golf on, the situation, and your personal clothing preference. If you’re playing in a competition, playing on a private golf course, or simply playing a leisurely weekend game with friends, each situation depicts what to wear.

The Golf Club Dress Code

The majority of golf courses do have dress codes. The higher priced the golf course typically the stricter the dress code is. The majority of golf clubs will involve some form of guidelines for clothing, whether this is appropriate footwear or collared shirts. The rules regarding clothing can get very strict. If you’ve never played at a particular golf course before, it’s a good idea to phone ahead to enquire about the type of clothing that is required. If you don’t speak to the club before you play, avoid wearing casual clothes such as jeans or shorts as the course may have issues with those items.

If you’re playing on a exclusive golf course, then it will be compulsory to wear smart shorts with collars, slacks, belt, golf shoes, or a skirt for the women.

Dress Code for the Casual Golfer

For the casual golfer, it is important that the clothing is comfortable most of all. A pair of thin ventilated slacks or golf shorts, and a cool polo shirt are generally what many golfers tend to wear on the golf course.

For people who play at municipal golf courses they tend to wear anything within reason, however, such things as jeans and shoes with no grip are uncomfortable and can lead to a loss in performance on the course. Jeans tend to hold in moisture, which on hot days can be really uncomfortable. To avoid the discomfort it is recommended that you wear thin fitting pants or shorts that don’t cling to your legs. Colours such as navy blue, khaki and white are most acceptable.

On a whole, the majority of golfers tend to go for a preppy look on the course. If you’re playing when the weather takes a turn for the worse, you may consider wearing a navy black/navy sweater with a button up collared shirt underneath. If you want to go for the classic look then a sweater vest can also be worn on top of a button up collared shirt.

Recommended Golf Footwear

There’s a lot of options open to golfers in terms of golf shoes. However, only certain golf shoes are acceptable on some golf courses. Metal spiked golf shoes are generally frowned upon, because of the way they dig up the greens. So they are quite rightly banned on a lot of golf courses nowadays.

The new type of golf shoe is rough on the bottom which gives them their grip and allows a player to be stable on their shot without tearing up the golf course.

If you have any questions about any piece of clothing or footwear or equally if you’ve got no idea what to buy I’m here to help, just send me a quick email and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

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  1. It’s probably one thing that disappoints me at golf clubs these days. The dress standards have really dropped particularly here in Australia. Most golf clubs just want to get the money flowing through the course and have relaxed a lot of restrictions. It’s not uncommon to see jeans, t-shirts and even board shorts at some courses.

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