What are the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors?


Let’s face it, you’re not going to be smashing the ball 250+ yards down the fairway anymore, that’s a thing of the past. To get the most distance out of your shots these days you’re going to need to use the right senior golf clubs for you. If you’re a beginner, be sure to read this article on beginner golf clubs first.

What to Look for in Senior Golf Clubs

As you get older your swing speed decreases, which is why you’re not able to hit it as far as you once could. Generally the slower your swing speed, the more shaft flex you need in your clubs. You can get a variety of flexes which include regular, stiff, x-stiff, ladies, senior/amateur.

The more shaft flex the club has, the faster the clubface travels on the downswing and through the follow through, which is essential to get distance in your shot making.

What Clubs Should I Have in My Bag?

Hybrids – Senior Golfer’s Best Friend

Hybrids are fast becoming the most popular club in a golfer’s bag. Even the pros are beginning to replace some of their longer irons with them. They’re designed to be a combination of the fairway wood and the long iron. The idea behind them is to add more distance and consistency. They’re a lot easier to hit than the longer irons ie. 3,4, and 5, and they’re very versatile too.

You could probably afford to drop the 3, 4, and 5 irons and replace them with 1 hybrid, reducing the number of clubs in your bag, and reducing the weight of it too.

Ideal Senior Driver

The driver is the next thing you need to look out for. Bearing in mind you need the senior flex to counter-act a slow swing speed, you’ll also need a driver with more loft. The slower your swing speed the harder the ball is to get in the air. The most popular degree of loft with most drivers is 10.5, but I think that is too low. As a bare minimum I would recommend a loft of at least 12.5, and possibly more. In a perfect world I would ditch the driver altogether and tee off with your fairway woods and hybrids instead.

Sets you Should Consider?

I can’t tell you what the very best golf clubs are for you, because no matter what age you are you’re bound to be of a different skill level and height to that of the next person, and a different setup me be better for you than another. The only way to get the perfect setup for you is to go and get your clubs personally fitted at a pro golf shop.

A couple sets I recommend though for the vast majority of senior golfers would be:

  1. Wilson Profile HL Complete Set

If you need anymore advice on choosing which senior golf clubs you should go for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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I'm Rob aka GolfGuyRob. I'm an avid golf enthusiast and golf tutor with over 40 years experience playing this beautiful but frustrating game. I'm here to offer advice (if you want it) and share my passion with golfers from around the world.


  1. Hi Rob
    Thanks for the great info on Seniors and Golf Clubs and maybe you can help me further.
    I would love to buy my Father new Clubs, he is 80 and plays 3x a week during our season here in
    Pittsburgh PA.
    Should I buy him one of the sets you reccomend or choose them individually as you said that Seniors can replace some clubs with Hybrids.
    I think he stood at least 5ft 11 in younger days :)
    I will appreciate any advice.

    • Hey Donna!

      Your father is awesome for still playing at 80 and so regularly aswell!! Fantastic! I hope I’m still able to play at his age…

      You can’t go wrong with the two options I give above. Either the paragon’s or the Tour Edge’s are recommended, obviously if you go with the paragon’s you will have to pay extra for a driver, the set is $454 at the minute on Amazon, the Tour Edge’s are $399.99 and they come with driver and a bag. If I had to choose between the two I’d go with Tour Edge, with the only difference being an extra club and lower price tag. If you need anymore info let me know :)

  2. I am a pretty fit 70 yr old, who had a solid golf “life” playing in high school and college with a 7 handicap …back in those yrs. During my 30-40-50’s I played only several times a summer-but still broke 90 with not too much difficulty. In the lass 10 years I retired but now, retired in Florida- post hip-replacement surgery- The golf clubs have changed so much, I would like to get new/used clubs that would be suitable for my age; slowed-down swing; tendency to be careful with my left side and I want to play decently (around 85). When played sporadically the latter years I did play, I had a tendency to fade my woods and swing hurriedly (need to slow down). Very interested in the hybrids also + not necessary to buy new…good conditioned used would be acceptable. Thanks for any direction you could point me in.

  3. Nike spence says:

    I am a 68 year old lady and have been playing golf since 1981. I had a shoulder operation 8 years ago for pain and I’m now having having same problem with the other shoulder. I would like to get new clubs for seniors but looking through the Internet i can only find golf clubs for senior MEN.
    Are there clubs available for senior ladies and which are these?

  4. I am 63 and in pretty good shape at 6′ and 175 pounds. Intermediate level of leisure golf with 20+ handicap (depending on the day). Have an opportunity for a discount on Cobra Clubs. Don’t know what to pick. What would you recommend? And I guess with Senior Flex shafts as this will be probably the last set of clubs I will buy.

  5. I,m new to golf and 65 years old. What set of clubs would you recommend I use. The callaway strata or. The Wilson profile hl for seniors? Your input would be appreciated.

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