The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Hi to all you budding golfers!

I’ve been considering putting together a book of some kind for quite a while now. Bearing in mind the vast amount of visitors to this site are beginners to average skilled golfers, coming up with a book that would cater for both has been difficult. Beginner golfers are looking for tips on getting started and improving on the basic elements of the game. Were the intermediate golfer is looking to improve and take it to the next level.

I’ve tried to include some valuable information for both skill levels; however, TBH you’ll find that this book is 85% targeted toward the beginner golfer. So if you don’t get what you want from this book then let me know, I’m always eager to hear what my visitors have to say. And you never know, I may just create another one targeted to you if there are enough requests!

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If you’re still in doubt, here are some e-mails I’ve received from current readers of UBG and

Thnx a lot .. the guide is very useful to me .. many things got cleared from the guide and is very useful for the beginners ..

Thnx again .. lex

Hi Rob

The Ultimate Guide to Golf for Beginners is excellent, I’ve never seen a book that explains the game of golf so well

Looking forward to seeing your lessons



Hi Rob,

Yes finished reading UBG last night and safely say I was fortunate to come across this before I spent money on additives which would have cost alot and might not have given me any real tangible value.
So I am now off to the driving range to use my secondhand golf set in very good nick and see exactly where I am and what I need. The tips of grip, stance etc. will all be tried during the course of the next few weeks.

Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Dion Thompson

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the guide, so far have found it very informative as I am thinking of taking up golf after my retirement, and a hip replacement. The first game went quite well and can now start to put your advise into practice.



I’ve been playing golf now for a few months and had a few lessons to assist the progress. Recently I downloaded the Ultimate Beginners Guide from Golfing Valley as an aid. I’m extremely pleased to say that its now in print and permanently attached to the golf bag. Its a fantastic reference and backs up everything my instructor is telling me. That said I use it as a stand alone guide. The information is clearly presented very user friendly and has already made several improvements to my fledgeling game.

With its information I’ve now been able to make a number of informed purchases as oppose strolling into a shop and being sold something that I honestly didn’t know much about.

Thanks to Rob for a must have book.
Very best regards

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Yours sincerely,

Rob Green
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