MacGregor M85T Driver Review

One of the most important things in a golfer’s arsenal is the driver.  Without it, a golfer looks like a soldier without a gun. There is a wide variety of drivers available today and choosing one can be quite an overwhelming task. One of the things which you should keep in mind is that you can never go wrong with the trusted brands. When talking about golf, MacGregor is a well known brand, but it’s not always one of the first brands people think about.  This is a surprise since many can attest to the quality and durability of MacGregor products. The MacGregor M85T driver does not disappoint. It is one of the best products to have ever come out from the company.

One of MacGregor’s offering from their 2010 lineup, the MacGregor M85T driver is available in 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 lofts. It is available in right and left-handed options.  When it comes to flex, owners can choose between light/senior, stiff/firm and regular.  All versions come with the UST Mamiya “AXIVCore” shafts. These shafts are not only well built; they also help give users more distance off the tee.  Retailing for about $300. So what are its pros and cons?


One of the first things you will notice about the driver is its looks. It’s certainly up there with some of the better looking drivers with the modern and sleek finish of the MacGregor M85T. The dark finish not only looks impressive, it also helps decrease glare and keeps your eyes focused to where they should be, on the ball. The magic however lies inside the clubhead. The game improving Cup Face 360 technology gives players hot and responsive power.  This means that with the MacGregor M85T driver can give you more distance and higher ball speeds.

The driver’s precision technology also keeps the clubheads’ center of gravity low and deep which provides high-flying and long drives. One of the driver’s outstanding features is the Face-Fit hosel technology which is fully adjustable. A simple adjustment of the hosel fitting gives players the options of open, neutral and closed face angle. The extra weight provides lots of control throughout the swing. The large face also makes it easy to hit with.


Although the MacGregor M85T driver is absolutely brilliant, it is not perfect. The only complaint I have about this driver is the fact that it does not come in a 48-inch shaft length. If you want a longer shaft, you will have to replace the shaft yourself.

Final Thoughts

Far from perfect but very close to it, the MacGregor M85T driver is indeed worth every penny. If you are considering buying a new golf clubs, look at the MacGregor range instead of the highly publicised more expensive brands names such as TaylorMade or Callaway. Those clubs will cost you a fortune, when for less you can get just as an established brand, and in a some cases a better club to boot.


  1. It’s a nice looking driver. I’m looking at upgrading soon and plan on testing out a number of models. I would like to give this a try as well. Always been curious about the adjustable drivers and what benefits they may provide.



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