How do you Keep Score on the Golf Course?

The score in golf in is often a complete mystery to those who aren’t familiar with the sport. In most other sports the winning team or player with the highest score generally goes on to win the game. However, in golf the scoring is the opposite – whoever has the lowest score at the end of a round is classed as the winner.

Golf scoring as difficult as it may seem is actually very simple. Every time you take a swing and hit the golf ball it’s classed as a stroke, and every time you make a stroke you must count it. At the end of each hole you must add up how many strokes you made, and the number you get is your golf score for that particular hole. Then, after all 18 holes you add up the number of strokes you made around the course and that’s your score for the round. It’s as simple as that!

However, there are some special circumstances such as fouls and penalty strokes for such things as hitting into water hazards or hitting out of bounds etc. Every beginner golfer will look to make a few if not more penalty strokes around the course, that’s if you’re playing by the rules obviously.

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But in simple terms, the score is the number of times you have had to hit the golf ball around the golf course.

You may have also heard the term Par mentioned in relation to score. This is again rather simple to understand. Each hole is given a number of shots it takes for a relatively skilled golfer to complete that hole (Par). If it takes you 6 shots to complete a Par 4 hole, then your score for that hole in relation to Par is 2 over. If the Par is 4 and you make it in 3 then your score for that hole would be 1 under.

Each course has a final Par number. This is the Par of each of the 18 holes added up. If the Par for the course is 71 and you hit round the golf course in 85, your score for that course in relation to Par would be 14 over.

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