Cleaning Golf Clubs: How to Clean Golf Clubs

cleaning golf clubs Having clean golf clubs is an important factor in consistently striking the sweet spot of the golf ball. A little dirt on the grooves can be the difference between landing flush on the green next to the hole, or a skulled shot hit right over the green and into the sand. A golf club has to be clean and free from mud, grass, or sand to be able to perform correctly.

Ways for Cleaning Golf Clubs

There’s a couple of options open to you here. You could either grab your wallet and buy a professional golf club cleaning kit (high quality + available at your local pro shop), or you could just grab some common household items to the job to a decent standard.

The household cleaning equipment you’d need would be:

  • Bucket
  • Cloth/Towel
  • Dishwashing Detergent (mild)
  • Brush with plastic bristles, or any other just as long as the bristles aren’t too rough (a toothbrush is perfect)

Steps to Clean your Clubs

Now you have the necessary tools to do the job it’s time to get to work.

  1. Take your bucket then put it over your head and do the hokey cokey (no just kidding!) that’s optional. You need to squeeze a few drops of detergent into the bucket then run luke warm water and fill until 1 club-head is covered (too hot and you can loosen the ferrules on your golf clubs).
  2. Now, dip just the club-heads in the water, making sure the ferrules of the clubs don’t get submerged. This could damage the finish of the golf clubs. Leave them to soak for a minute or two so the oils, dirt, or chemicals have been softened or removed from the grooves.
  3. Next carefully scrub the faces of the clubs with a soft bristled brush, making sure you don’t scrub too hard. If the chemicals, dirt, or grass remain then simply stick them in the bucket for another quick soak and brush again.
  4. If you have a garden hose then use this for rinsing the clubs. If not your kitchen sink or bath tub is just as good. Be sure to get permission from the other half first for arguments sake. When rinsing, make sure the shafts and ferrules are kept dry, again this could cause damage in the long run.
  5. Double check all your club-head grooves making sure that all contaminants have been completely removed. Then rub dry with a dry towel or rag. And that’s it, all done!

Now you can head out onto the course knowing your clubs aren’t going to be your downfall. Take a towel on the course with you if you don’t already. This way you can wipe off any dirt, grass, or sand while you walk to your next shot, saves cleaning your clubs too often.

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