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Courtesy of me Robert Green with Mike Pedersen of Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide and Susan Hill of Golf Fitness Challenge

This fitness area of the site concentrates on strength training for golf, golf stretching exercises, and the use of mental training aids. It includes fitness articles and advice from probably 2 of the best golf fitness trainers in the world, Mike Pedersen and Susan Hill as well as input from yours truly.

Golf fitness trainers Mike Pedersen and Susan Hill have firmly established themselves at the top of their professions as personal fitness trainers over the last few years.

Golf Fitness Expert: Mike Pedersen

Mike Pedersen - Personal Golf Fitness Trainer

The majority of Mikes’ success has come from his widely renowned golf fitness training dvd’s and his best selling book, The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide.

Mike has been kind enough to provide us with some of his cutting edge fitness for golf ideas on how people can improve their golf game through fitness and exercise, and you can read up on these techniques with the many articles below.

Articles Courtesy of Mike Pedersen:

  1. Implement a Plan To Improve Your Golf Fitness and Improve Your Golf Game
  2. The Importance Of Fitness For Golf
  3. Effective and Easy to Implement Golf Strength Training Exercise
  4. An Effective Golf Swing Exercise
  5. Golf Exercises for Seniors – It doesn’t have to be downhill for the senior golfer!
  6. Improve Your Golf Game with Golf Swing Weight Training


Golf Fitness Expert: Susan Hill

Susan Hill is an avid golfer and professional golf fitness trainer. She earns a full time living training professional players on tour in addition to her work with competitive juniors, collegiate golf teams, recreational players and competitive golfers of all levels.

Some of her work has been published in high end publications such as Golf Illustrated, Atlanta Golfer, Resort Living, SELF magazine, GolfersMd and a number of other golf related magazines and websites. She has also been interviewed several times by ESPN and even hosts her own Internet radio show dedicated to golf fitness.

Her most recent work is in the form of the very impressive Golf Fitness Challenge. Which guarantees to get you in shape and hitting better scores in a matter of 6 weeks.

Articles Courtesy of Susan Hill:

  1. Lowering Your Golf Handicap with Golf Fitness

Articles Courtesy of R. Green (That’s me!):

  1. The Mental Toughness in Golf – How to Attain Golf Mental Toughness
  2. A Proper Golf Warm Up Routine
  3. My Top List of Strengthening Exercises for Golfers

Other/Guest Golf Fitness Articles

  1. Golfers Guide to Back Pain
  2. Pilates for a Better Golf Swing (New!)


Did you find these fitness for golf articles useful? I would really like to hear from you, as I’m always trying improve this ever growing fitness section.

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