Beginner Golf Tips

senior-strength-exercisesThe beginner golf tips below are aimed at those problem areas that golfers often face, but don’t quite know how to correct. These drills and tips are proven techniques that will help get you on your way to improving your drive distance, your swing, chipping, and whatever else it is you need to improve on.

Just click on any of the golf links below and you will be shown a list of very useful and easy to follow beginners tips you can put into practice to improve your game right away.

If you can’t find the golf tips you’re looking for, you may want to check out something a bit more in-depth, like my beginner golf lessons.

Also, if you’re new to golf make sure you check out my golf for beginners section where I offer advice on etiquette, custom fitted clubs, how to choose the right clubs, the best clubs for high handicappers and more.

There’s also a new section full of video golf lessons that I’m sure you will find very helpful.

Golf Tips For All Skill Levels:



Short Game