A Golf Strength Training Exercise

Mike Pedersen Performing a Golf Strength Training Workout Routine

By Mike Pedersen of Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide

If you have ever heard of a Golf Strength Training Workout Routine, you may have heard that it can be quite a nightmare to perform and even more time consuming than you’d expect. However, this is not entirely true.

Golf Strength Training – No need for the Gym

When anybody thinks of any type of training, they normally think “Gymnasium”. This is quite a normal thought but for this sort of golf strength workout you do not need a gym membership. You see gyms isolate one group of muscles at a time and normally have you sit down while working out. This is something you will never be doing on a golf course or indeed, during a golf swing.

None of the methods used in a gymnasium will improve your golfing performance or ability because they are machine based. When golfing, you are not using a machine. It is just your body’s muscles being controlled in a small space in a short sequencing motion. This is called “on your feet” movement.

Golf Strength Training Routine – Minimal Equipment

All the equipment which is required for this training routine is:

  • Stability Ball
  • Exercise Tubing
  • Hand Weights
  • Weighted Medicine Ball

These items can be purchased for under $100 US! You are now ready to set up your home golf strength training area.

Golf Strength Training Exercises Made Easy!

The training can be made either simple and efficient or very difficult and boring. To make it simple and efficient it is best to break the training into different parts or phases. Use either hand weights, exercise tubing or medicine ball and use it to complete this part of the golf swing.

I easily have hundreds of strength training programs which help many golfers get an extra 35 yards on their drives alone with practically no back pain or muscle cramps during these parts of the game.

Golf Training Exercises – Strength and Flexibility

When exercising, put a 50/50 ratio to the efforts of strength and flexibility. By applying too much effort on flexibility, you will make your muscles too loose and very weak which will more than likely result in muscle injury. On the other hand, putting too much effort into the strength performance, you lower your ability for good range of motion and this will make you lose the power, distance and accuracy of your drives, iron shots and chips.

When performing the golf strength training, be sure to do at least one stretch for each of the movements of the particular muscle groups. If you do this you will benefit by not only building up your muscles to get a more powerful swing, but also flexing the muscles will make them better for the golf-specific flexibility giving you a much more versatile swing with a larger arc. Being flexible will also make you more comfortable in your swing stance and you will be less likely to get cramps from a hard drive.

Core Golf Strength – Rotational Exercises

If you are very impatient to get going, try the core golf strength from a rotational perspective. A swing is a “rotate back” and “rotate through” motion. This is so basic anybody can do it. So get going in your new “home golf fitness equipment set” and start now!

What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve got all this useful knowledge on just how effortless a golf strength training workout routine really is, start now! Why put off until tomorrow, what can be done today? Once you get going and see your performance on the course improving and your competitors asking how you improved so quickly, there’ll be no stopping you from wanting more and more! And best of all it feels really good too!

Soon you will be a professional golfer both competitively and recreationally. The more practice you put in, the more improvement you will get out of this workout.

About the Author: Mike Pedersen is a world renowned professional golf fitness instructor, and not only that, he’s an author too. His best selling book “The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide” is regarded as the best of it’s kind. He’s also behind several best selling Golf Training DVD’s, and he is the founder of numerous top quality online golf fitness sites.