The Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Now, it’s going to be a tough time for you in the golf balls department (Especially if you’re just starting out). You’re going to lose a lot – possibly hundreds! It’s inevitable. You may be slightly surprised just how easy it is to lose a golf ball. Therefore, spending a fortune on top of the range golf balls at this stage can be unwise.

For that reason it’s probably best that you look for recycled, refurbished golf balls which are very affordable and more often than not are in great to excellent condition!

Types of Golf Balls

There are several types of golf balls you should start off with; these are:

  • Refurbished
  • Closeout
  • Used
  • Logo overrun
  • Value category
  • X-out

Refurbished Balls

These golf balls are high quality used balls that have been polished to look brand new.

Used Golf Balls

These balls are a great alternative for high handicappers such as you. No low handicapper would like to be seen using these; however, they’re something that you shouldn’t be bothered about using. You can pick up some used balls in great condition.

A few things to look out for would be discoloration, large chunks missing, bulges, and gashes. You should stay away from used balls like these. You can buy several used balls mainly in bulk online for next to nothing. The only problem here is you can’t see every one of them to see whether or not it’s in good condition.

Closeout Balls

These types of balls are no longer made by the manufacturer, either because they’re unpopular or the manufacturer has moved on to a new brand or design.

Logo Overrun Balls

Overrun golf balls and logo overrun golf balls are the best value in terms of golf balls. An overrun golf ball is either a personalized golf ball, an imprinted golf ball, or a logo golf ball that has some sort of imprint on it. Often a logo overrun golf ball will have no imprint on it at all, although these are new golf balls, they come packaged in bulk. They have the same playability as new golf balls whether they have been imprinted or not.

Value Category Balls

“Value” golf balls are those name brand balls that are marketed at the lower price points, usually sub-$20 per dozen. Dunlop, Top-Flite, Maxfli, Precept, Callaway, Titleist – in short, most of the major ball manufacturers – produce balls in the value category. These balls are generally built to minimize spin, maximize distance and resist wear and tear. For absolute beginners who don’t want used, refurbished or x-outs, but want brand new, name-brand balls, value balls are the ones to choose.

X-Out Balls

X-Outs are golf balls produced by the big-name companies, but balls that suffered some sort of slip-up in production. Usually the slip-up is merely cosmetic, rather than a real problem with the ball. But exhibiting quality control, the companies don’t release the balls under their brand names – instead, they stamp a row of X’s over the brand and sell the balls at a steep discount. X-Outs can commonly be found with the sporting goods in major department stores.

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