Recommended Clubs for Intermediate Golfers

Introduction – Are You Really an Intermediate?

An Intermediate Golf SetOkay, so you consider yourself an intermediate golfer. You tend to hit the ball a lot more consistently than the beginner golfer, and you should be a lot more confident with your play as you’re hitting well more often than not. If you want to go straight ahead and look at some golf clubs for intermediates, then I recommend taking a look at’s Best Sellers List.

At the moment these are the top 5 best selling intermediate clubs according to

  1. Top-Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Club Set
  2. Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag) (Recommended!)
  3. Prosimmon Golf X9 Tall +1″ Mens Graphite & Steel Hybrid Club Set + Bag
  4. Top-Flite XL 7000 18-Piece Complete Golf Club Set
  5. Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

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The Wilson Pro Staff CX Combo set is currently the best seller according to

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect set of clubs then read on….

You’re an Intermediate if:

  • Your iron shots are becoming more accurate and they are reaching the required distance most of the time, and you are also hitting the greens a lot more too. The speed of your club head when swinging is also going up, and you’re beginning to hit the ball with the centre of the club face more often, resulting in more accuracy and longer distance on all your shots.
  • You still need a little help around the greens, but you know how to hit confidently now so you can begin to add additional wedges to your bag. You would also like to have a few more options from 100 yards and less, so your short game can be improved and your scores lowered.
  • Your drives may still be a little inconsistent and your distance could be a touch better, but overall your accuracy is more of a problem. The odd hole where a 2 or 3 drive into the wild is ruining your round.
  • You’re still not hitting those long iron shots as well as you could do, but if you have a decent enough lie you can pull out your five iron and smash it down the fairway onto the green. You would love to get more distance and more consistency on those longer attempts at the green. Also, those long par 4’s may sometimes be hard to reach.
  • You still fight that bit of a slice now and then, but now it has become more of a fading shot the majority of the time. You may even get a clean shot through the ball and perhaps you’ll notice a slight move to the right then to the left, which is known as a draw. But you’re starting to predict where the ball is heading.

What’s the perfect setup for the Intermediate Golfers?

Now, you will want to start with the game improvement irons, still with a little forgiveness to them, but not so much that they affect your distance too much. You would like to have a little more feel and control with the irons, and if you hit your irons reasonably well most of the time you will want to consider getting a 4 iron instead of your hybrid 4. If you don’t fancy going to a longer iron then just stick with your hybrid if you feel comfortable.

With regards to distance with your hybrids and woods, you may want to decrease the loft on those so that you’re able to maximize distance. Also, you may want to go with the 3 hybrid instead of the 5 to add a little more distance to your shots.

The driver should still be oversized and with a 10 to 12 degree loft so you can still maximize loft, distance, and accuracy. Also, the shaft is an important component for the intermediate as the swing speed is generally slightly higher and you will want one that will work well with your swing speed and ball flight requirements. Perhaps even a draw enhanced driver would help you to get that little extra distance you crave.

You can now also begin to add more wedges to your bag. A lob wedge or a gap wedge would be great additions now. If you do choose to add more wedges to your choice of clubs then I would recommend that you would get wedges of different loft measurements. You should aim for a degree of 6 different between them all.

If you are comfortable using your putter now then this doesn’t have to be altered to fit your experience. If you’re comfortably sinking putts then it’s not a problem you have to worry about. But, however, if you would like to try something new I would suggest the new Moment Of Inertia maximized mallets would be a great choice.

If you’re struggling to find the right clubs for you then I’m always here to help, just get in touch here and I’ll give you a hand if I can.

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  1. I have used the wilson ultra set for two years now. I started around a 20 handicap and got down to around 13 this last year for league play which I think is way different then USGA but I never asked them. Well anyways my drive is accurate 95% of the time but only goes 200 to 250 I would like to upgrade my driver but not break my bank account also looking at adding distance to my irons any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh i picked up a ping black dot 3 iron on sale and used it on 11 holes in a league tourney and finished 6th in the money in my division. Why I added that was that one club felt so much better then my wilsons and the distance i got was simply amazing.

    • What shaft are you using at the moment Dean? If you want more distance then I suggest graphite with a softer flex, should help you get more snap as well as speed at impact.

  2. My buddy and regular playing partner says I’m ready to upgrade from my first set of clubs (Adams Tight Lies set, regular flex). I’m not sure I believe him. My last round would be a 34 handicap, and I still can’t hit a driver. I play 3w from the tee instead. How do I know when I’m ready to start replacing clubs? And, which clubs is it sensible to replace/add first?


  3. Hi, I am trying to find the best set of clubs for my husband but afraid i have very little golf knowledge!
    He is between beginner and intermediate level and very keen to perfect his playing skills. He is currently using a very old set which I know he would love to trade in for something much more forgiving and exciting to use. I would like to buy him a set which is best suited to his level now and will hopefully last him a good few years until he is ready to take the next step up, rather than splash out on a top of the range set that may start to gather dust. What would you recommend would be a great buy? I have been looking into various Wilson sets and have become a little confused and looking to spend up to around £300. Thanks in advance.

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